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S1,E1: Pilot: What does Michael Scott's mug say?
S1,E2: Diversity Day: Whose comedy routine does Michael imitate to offend many in the office?
S1,E3: Health Care: What is Pam's made-up condition where her teeth turn to liquid?
S1,E4: The Alliance: To boost morale, Michael decides to celebrate whose birthday a month early?
S1,E5: (Answer): Michael challenges the warehouse staff to what sport?
S1,E6: The Hot Girl: Amy Adams guest stars as a saleswoman selling what?
S2,E1: The Dundies: As a result of becoming too intoxicated, Pam is banned from what chain restaurant?
S2,E2: Sexual Harassment: What is Michael's infamous catch phrase, usual prefaced by a sexual innuendo?
S2,E3: Office Olympics: What is the name of Michael's realtor and future girlfriend?
S2,E4: The Fire: Who started the fire?
S2,E5: Halloween: Jim reveals Michael's middle name to be what?
S2,E6: The Fight: Michael promotes Dwight to what position?
S2,E7: The Client: What is the name of the protagonist in Michael's screenplay?
S2,E8: Performance Review: Upon opening the dated suggestion box, an old suggestion is concerned about what phenomena?
S2,E9: E-Mail Surveillance: Who is hosting a party that Michael is not invited to?
S2,E10: Christmas Party: Phyllis' boyfriend owns what company?
S2,E11: (Answer): Michael forces the staff to go along for what late night activity?
S2,E12: The Injury:What does Michael burn his foot on?
S2,E13: The Secret: Where does Michael take Jim to lunch after revealing his secret?
S2,E14: The Carpet: Who sent Michael the 'package' on his floor?
S2,E15: Boys and Girls: Pam is revealed to have a passion for what hobby?
S2,E16: Valentine's Day: What character receives his own, now infamous, bobblehead?
S2,E17: Dwight's Speech: Jim gives Dwight tips for his speech from what infamous leader?
S2,E18: Take Your Daughter to Work Day: There is a misunderstanding about communication between Ryan and whose daughter?
S2,E19: Michael's Birthday: The office is concerned for Kevin, who may have what condition?
S2,E20: Drug Testing: Michael did drugs attending whose concert?
S2,E21: Conflict Resolution: Changed to 'Fart' by Jim, what is Dwight's middle name?
S2,E22: Casino Night: Who is Pam's fiancee, much to Jim's chagrin?
S3,E1: Gay Witch Hunt: Jim transfers to which Dunder Mifflin branch?
S3,E2: The Convention: Where does the convention take place?
S3,E3: The Coup: What video game does the Stamford branch play as 'team building?'
S3,E4: Grief Counseling: What is the name of Michael's old boss that passed away?
S3,E5: Initiation: What food is given away once a year for free in the building lobby?
S3,E6: (Answer): Kelly invites the office to what religious festivity, known as 'the festival of lights?'
S3,E7: Branch Closing: What is the name of the CFO of Dunder Mifflin, whom Michael and Dwight make a trip to surprise?
S3,E8: The Merger: Which transferred employee is humiliated by Michael, leading him to quit?
S3,E9: The Convict: Which employee is the former convict?
S3,E10: A (Answer) Christmas: Jim, Andy, and Dwight take Michael out to what restaurant after Carol dumps him?
S3,E11: Back from Vacation: Where did Michael take Jan on vacation?
S3,E12: Traveling Salesman: It is revealed Kelly works in what department?
S3,E13: The Return: Dwight temporarily begins employment at what office supply chain?
S3,E14: (Answer): Jim hires a man that impersonates what historical figure for an office bachelorette party?
S3,E15: (Answer)'s Wedding: What staff member gets married?
S3,E16: Business School: What mammal does Dwight catch in a trash bag in the office?
S3,E17: Cocktails: Michael's relationship with who is made public?
S3,E18: The Negotiation: What weapon does Dwight use to save Jim from Roy?
S3,E19: Safety Training: What employee returns from anger management?
S3,E20: Product Recall: What 'beloved cartoon' animal is depicted on the recalled paper?
S3,E21: Women's Appreciation: Michael takes the women of the office on a trip to where?
S3,E22: Beach Games: What eating contest does Michael use at the beach?
S3,E23: The Job: Michael, Jim, and Karen, all interview for a corporate position in what city?
S4,E1: Fun Run: After being hit by a car, it is discovered she is suffering from what ailment?
S4,E2: Dunder Mifflin Infinity: When he misinterprets his GPS, Michael drives his car into what?
S4,E3: Launch Party: Who does Michael hold hostage in the office at the party?
S4,E4: Money: What type of farm does Dwight own?
S4,E5: Local Ad: What is the name of the local bar the office members frequent?
S4,E6: Branch Wars: Karen becomes the manager at what branch?
S4,E7: Survivor Man: Who is the chair of the Party Planning Committee?
S4,E8: The Deposition: What sport becomes the craze between Jim and Darryl?
S4,E9: Dinner Party: Which possession of Michael's does Jan destroy?
S4,E10: Chair Model: Michael, after breaking up with Jan, is set up on a date with whose landlord?
S4,E11: Night Out: Toby announces his plans to move to what country?
S4,E12: (Answer): What does Stanley yell at Michael during the meeting: 'Did I ____?'
S4,E13: Job Fair: What sport do Jim, Andy, and Kevin play with a client?
S4,E14: Goodbye, Toby: Dwight makes Holly believe what staff member is mentally challenged?
S5,E1: Weight Loss: What is Michael's plus-sized alter ego inspired by a movie character?
S5,E2: Business Ethics: Other than supply discounts, what does Meredith receive in exchange for sex?
S5,E3: Baby Shower: What is Jan's baby's name?
S5,E4: Crime Aid: Michael auctions off tickets to whose concert?
S5,E5: Employee Transfer: Holly transfers to what branch?
S5,E6: Customer Survey: What two staff members did not attend Kelly's 'America's Got Talent' wrap party?
S5,E7: Business Trip: Where does David Wallace send Michael on a business trip?
S5,E8: Frame Toby: Ryan breaks up with Kelly in order to travel to what country (although he ultimately does not go)?
S5,E9: The Surplus: While Jim and Oscar want to spend the office surplus on a new photocopier, Pam and others want what?
S5,E10: (Answer) Christmas: Phyllis decides to plan a Christmas party in the theme of what country?
S5,E11: The Duel: What is the model of Andy's car used in the duel?
S5,E12: Prince Family Paper: The office debates whether what celebrity is hot?
S5,E13: Stress Relief: In order to reduce stress, Michael stages what comedic event?
S5,E14/15: Lecture Circuit: What former staff member is pregnant?
S5,E16: Blood Drive: Michael donates blood on what holiday?
S5,E17: (Answer): What Willy Wonka-themed promotion does Michael come up with?
S5,E18: New Boss: What is the name of the new, no-nonsense Regional Vice President?
S5,E19: Two Weeks: What is the name of the security guard that escorts Michael out?
S5,E20: Dream Team: What former telemarketing co-worker does Michael hire for his new company?
S5,E21: Michael Scott Paper Company: Who is the new receptionist at Dunder Mifflin?
S5,E22: Heavy Competition: What Dunder Mifflin employee steals from the Michael Scott Paper Company office?
S5,E23: Broke: The Michael Scott Paper Comany's van has writing in what language?
S5,E24: Casual Friday: Kicked off the sales staff, what is Ryan's new position?
S5,E25: (Answer): Still under lease, Michael turns his old office (closet) into what?
S5,E26: Company Picnic: Michael and Holly create a skit about Dunder Mifflin's history that spoofs what movie?
S6,E1: Gossip: Michael spreads the rumor that who is a virgin (but actually has a daughter)?
S6,E2: The Meeting: How does Michael sneak into Jim and David's meeting?
S6,E3: The Promotion: Pam, originally a receptionist, works in what department now?
S6,E4: (Answer): Where do Jim and Pam get married?
S6,E5: Mafia: Where do Jim and Pam go on their honeymoon?
S6,E6: The Lover: Who is Michael's lover that is related to an office member?
S6,E7: (Answer): While out on a business meeting with Jim, what does Michael fall into?
S6,E8: Double Date: Why does Michael break up with the aforementioned lover?
S6,E9: Murder: What is the name of Erin's character during the game?
S6,E10: Shareholder Meeting: Whose advice does Michael seek in coming up with a 45 day plan to save the company?
S6,E11: Scott's Tots: What is Michael's promise to a group of children ten years ago?
S6,E12: Secret Santa: What is the name of the warehouse worker Oscar has a crush on?
S6,E13: The Banker: What is the name of the Dwight-voiced computer program to impress the banker?
S6,E14: (Answer): What is the name of the company that takes over Dunder Mifflin?
S6,E15: The Manager and the Salesman: What is the name of the Sabre CEO?
S6,E16/17:The Delivery: What is the name of Jim and Pam's baby?
S6,E18: St. Patrick's Day: What is the Sabre CEO's hometown?
S6,E19: New Leads: What is the name of the Coordinating Director of Emerging Regions for Sabre, a liaison between corporate and Scranton?
S6,E20: Happy Hour: What is the name of the bar manager?
S6,E21: Secretary's Day: Oscar creates a video that compares Kevin's voice to what beloved children's character?
S6,E22: Body Language: What is the name of Sabre's minority executive training program?
S6,E23: The Cover-Up: What other product, along with paper, does Sabre sell?
S6,E24: The Chump: What two staff members enter a 'baby contract?'
S6,E25: Whistleblower: What is the name of the IT guy that leaves for Teach for America?
S7,E1: Nepotism: What family member does Michael hire?
S7,E2: Counseling: Pam tries to finagle her way to a promotion for what position?
S7,E3: Andy's Play: What is the name of the play Andy is starring in?
S7,E4: Sex Ed: Michael is scared he may be carrying what disease?
S7,E5: The Sting: What is the name of the traveling salesman that is hired?
S7,E6: Costume Contest: Gabe dresses as what pop persona?
S7,E7: Christening: Andy and Michael briefly join a church mission trip to what country?
S7,E8: Viewing Party: Gabe hosts a viewing party for what TV show?
S7,E9: (Answer): What is the name of Ryan's online social networking site?
S7,E10: (Answer): Michael is afraid that which country is taking over the world?
S7,E11: Classy Christmas: What is the name of the case that Toby leaves the office for?
S7,E12: Ultimatum: What is the name of Holly's boyfriend back in Nashua?
S7,E13: The Seminar: What word game do Erin and Gabe play with the wager of selecting a movie?
S7,E14: The Search: What kind of contest does Pam start at the office, to the dismay of Gabe?
S7,E15: PDA: What is Gabe's Valentine's Day gift to Erin, which Andy ends up assisting?
S7,E16: (Answer): What is the name of the movie that Michael produces?
S7,E17: Todd Packer: What gift does Pam give Erin?
S7,E18: Garage Sale: Michael proposes to Holly, and in turn announces to the office they are moving to what state?
S7,E19: Training Day: What is the name of Michael's replacement?
S7,E20: Michael's Last Dundies: The members of the office serenade Michael with an altered version of a hit song from what Broadway play?
S7,E21: Goodbye, Michael: As a going away gift, Michael challenges Dwight to what?
S7,E22: The Inner Circle: Michael's replacement injures himself attempting to do what sports feat?
S7,E23: Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager: Who replaces Dwight as temporary manager?
S7,E23/24: Search Committee: What is the name of the managerial candidate that is eventually hired as the new CEO?

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