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Can you name the words from Xur's speech to Enduran in The Last Starfighter?

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Centauri: Xur. Grig: Xur. Alex: Xur?!
Enduran: Do not call me 'Father'! You are no longer my son! You are an outcast! Why have you returned?
Enduran: An armada of Ko-Dan warships behind you?!
Enduran: Star League justice put down your Xurian cult! Your followers are few and scattered.
Enduran: That is for the Rylans to decide! And not for a dangerous and evil child such as yourself!
[Alex, Grig, Centauri, Enduran and the Starfighters watch in horror as the spy is tortured and killed.]
Enduran: We shall see, Xur! We shall see!

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