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Can you name the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes, given their synopses?

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Garak starts to go mad as a device inside his brain breaks down
Bashir falls in love with a woman from a low-gravity world
Quark accidentally kills a Klingon and has to challenge his family's greatest rival
The Defiant crew is sent back in time and has to prevent Captain Kirk from being assassinated
Worf's disgraced brother comes to DS9 and demands that Worf kill him
The Breen attack Starfleet Headquarters; the Defiant is destroyed
The crew is stuck on a world with white-deprived Jem'Hadar; a vedek commits suicide on Terek Nor
Memories of 20 years of imprisonment are implanted in O'Brien
Ben and Jake Sisko take a voyage onboard a reproduced ancient Bajoran lightship
Bashir tries to prevent a Section 31 plot to murder an antagonistic Romulan senator
Jadzia reunites with three old Klingon friends to battle the man who murdered the Klingons' first-born sons
Sisko and Garak secretly plot to bring the Romulans into the war on the Federation's side
A science project trip to the Gamma Quadrant for the Siskos, Quark and Nog turns into the Federation's first conflict with the Dominion
Someone targets Kira's old Resistance cell members for assassination
Jadzia meets the current host of Torias Dax's former wife, rekindling their feelings for one another
After an accident on the Defiant, Jake spends 78 years trying to find his father
Kira investigates someone who claims to be the infamous former head of a brutal Occupation labor camp
A Weyoun clone summons Odo and tries to defect to the Federation, but is opposed by Damar and another Weyoun
Jadzia performs a ritual that enables her to meet all of Dax's previous hosts
A holosuite accident over-stimulates Sisko's brain and he begins receiving visions from the Prophets
The crew accidentally activates a counter-insurgency program which threatens to destroy the station
Jake and Nog are rescued by the cadet crew of a Defiant-class starship, who try to track down and destroy a new Jem'Hadar battleship
Extremists take over the weather-control center on Risa, and recruit Worf to their cause
Memories of one of Dax's past hosts-- a murderer-- begin to overwhelm Jadzia
A transporter accident inserts the bodies of DS9's senior staff into Bashir's secret-agent holosuite program
Ezri calls upon the memories of Dax's murderer host Joran to try and find a serial killer onboard the station
Kira investigates Vedek Bareil, who's suspected of being responsible for an Occupation-era massacre
Bashir tries to help a group of genetically-engineered humans make a positive contribution to society
A Bajoran ship from 300 years in the past comes through the wormhole, and its passenger claims to be the Emissary
Odo discovers Laas, another member of the Hundred changelings who were sent out

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