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Can you name the crew members and supporting cast from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine relaunch novels?

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Commanding officer of DS9Bajoran
Original first officerBolian
100+ year-old first officer; leads Defiant during Gamma missionHuman
First officer, USS DefiantJoined Trill
Security chief; formerly helmsman on Enterprise-D who joined the MaquisBajoran
Tactical officerHuman
Chief medical officerHuman
Helmsman, USS DefiantHuman
Science officerAndorian
Assistant chief medical officer; runs DS9's infirmary during Gamma mission3/4 Human, 1/4 Romulan
Station counselor7/8 Human, 1/8 Vulcan
Chief engineerFerengi
Lounge singerHologram (Human form)
Dabo girlOrion
Dabo boyBajoran
Dominion 'ambassador' sent by OdoJem'Hadar
Commanding officer, CDS TragerCardassian
Freighter captain; wife of the EmissaryHuman
Writer; son of the EmissaryHuman
Vedek who left the Bajoran Militia after meeting the Emissary; considered a favorite to become kaiBajoran
First minister of Bajor; former lover of DS9's COBajoran
Second minister of BajorBajoran
One of Shar's bondmates; zhenAndorian
One of Shar's bondmates; thaanAndorian
One of Shar's bondmates; shenAndorian

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