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QUIZ: Can you name the recurring characters on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?

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Former prefect of Terek Nor
Tailor, spy; 'plain, simple...'
Manipulative member of Odo's species
Frequently killed and resurrected Vorta
Bajoran spiritual leader; lost in the Gamma Quadrant
Ferengi idiot savant; becomes Grand Nagus
Bajoran dabo girl; marries into Quark's family
Quark's nephew; becomes first Ferengi in Starfleet
Member of the Ferengi Commerce Association and frequent thorn in Quark's side
Devious religious leader behind an assassination attempt; ultimately becomes Kai
The man she attempted to assassinate; becomes Kira's lover; dies making peace with Cardassia
Leader of Kira's old resistance cell; becomes First Minister of Bajor and later Kira's lover
Half-Bajoran, half-Cardassian girl; becomes artist; murdered during Dominion evacuation of DS9
Retired head of the Obsidian Order
Started as a non-descript Cardassian crew member; became leader of Cardassian Union and eventually led the resistance against the Dominion
Betazoid mother of TNG character who becomes infatuated with Odo
Sisko's commanding officer in the admiralty
Member of Section 31
Wife of DS9's chief engineer; becomes pregnant with their second child
Holographic lounge singer
Freighter captain who falls in love with Sisko; marries him; at series' end is pregnant with their child
Very talkative barfly whom we never see speak on-screen
Very old Grand Nagus of Ferenginar; falls in love with Quark's mother
Starfleet Chief of Security; turns to the Maquis
Chancellor of the Klingon Empire; killed in honorable combat by Worf
Respected general of the Klingon Empire; becomes new Chancellor after Worf kills the old one
Sisko's father; a chef in New Orleans
Sisko's real mother; possessed by the Prophets to conceive him
Quark's mother

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