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Can you name the Hunger Games and Harry Potter Characters in this Ladder?

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The Headmaster's BrotherA (Harry Potter)
A Female Friend of AlbusB (Harry Potter)
The Host of The Hunger GamesC (Hunger Games)
A Childhood Friend of Peeta MellarkD (Hunger Games)
District 12 EscortE (Hunger Games)
District 4 Victor and Quarter Quell TributeF (Hunger Games)
Katniss's Best Friend and Hunting PartnerG (Hunger Games)
The Main CharacterH (Harry Potter)
Headmaster of DurmstrangI (Harry Potter)
District 7 Victor and Quarter Quell TributeJ (Hunger Games)
The Main CharacterK (Hunger Games)
Hogwarts Quidditch Commentator L (Harry Potter)
Originally Gave Katniss the Mockingjay PinM (Hunger Games)
Metamorphmagus Wife of LupinN (Harry Potter)
Wand Shop OwnerO (Harry Potter)
The Husband of KatnissP (Hunger Games)
Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher in Harry's First YearQ (Harry Potter)
Nicknamed MooneyR (Harry Potter)
Head Gamemaker of the 74th GamesS (Hunger Games)
Ex-stylist of the GamesT (Hunger Games)
Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for MagicU (Harry Potter)
Part of Katniss' Prep TeamV (Hunger Games)
District 3 Victor and Quarter Quell TributeW (Hunger Games)
Editor of the QuibblerX (Harry Potter)
Death EaterY (Harry Potter)
Hufflepuff StudentZ (Harry Potter)

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