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'He's useless. He's as useless as a ___ ____.'Malcolm Tucker
'I know what ______ f**king entails.'Cliff Lawton
'Where's the ___ ___, you donkey shagger?'Glenn Cullen
'Yes! I am king of remembering my own ______.'Hugh Abbot
'There is a difference between allowing someone's natural _______ to come through and just exploiting it through camerawork.'Malcolm Tucker
It's The _____, Stupid: How to Get Ahead in Modern PoliticsBen Swain's book
'I sh*t a lot. It's smoking and a ____ _______.'Jamie Macdonald
'You were like a _____ ________ trying to unhook a bra.'Malcolm Tucker
'Don't you ever, ever call me a ____. I'm so much worse than that.'Malcolm Tucker
'You take the piss out of _____ again, and I will remove your iPod from its tiny nano-sheath and push it up your c*ck.'Jamie Macdonald
'Well, I'd love to stop and chat to you, but you know, I'd rather have ____ __ _____.'Malcolm Tucker
'From now on it's a proper fight, it's a pub fight, ____________ Rules.'Jamie Macdonald
'Youre so ____ ____, you've actually f**king fallen off!'Malcolm Tucker
'Malcolm Tucker is an investor in _______!'Ollie Reeder
'You fools! These are good ______ and they cost 4 pounds.'Julius Nicholson
'Don't do jokes, Glenn. You're not a _____ ___. You're not that type.'Robyn Murdoch
'Well, I tell you, if he thinks he's leaking now, wait 'til you see him when I'm finished with him; he'll look like f**king ____ _____ _____!'Jamie Macdonald
'If you don't go and get me some cheese, I'm gonna rip your head off and give you a ________.'Malcolm Tucker
'You mimsy bastard _____ leak f**k!'Jamie Macdonald
'Ben's ____? That's all I am, I'm Ben's _____?'Ollie Reeder
'No, no, no, please don't get up. I'm not _____.'Malcolm Tucker
'Believe me, I'd rather slip into something a bit more comfortable. Like a ____ ___.'Malcolm Tucker
'You're looking very dapper, by the way, very nice, like as if there'd been a Scottish ____ ____.'John Duggan
'The point of departure is this: Knowledge is ______.'Stewart Pearson
'That's nonsense and we need to say no to the nanny state: ___ __ _____.'Peter Mannion
'Okay, you're f**king dead. And those three little words, ___ __ ______, are the f**king nails in your coffin, dear.'Malcolm Tucker
'I really love the division of labor in this place. I like the way the women do the heavy lifting and the men do the heavy _____.'Nicola Murray
'Gavin Boyes? I'm Glenn Cullen. No need for me to ___ __.'Glenn Cullen
'Jesus Malcolm, you're about as on the ball today as a ___ ___.'Nicola Murray
'Don't touch that scarf, that's ___ ____!'Malcolm Tucker
'I am the man that makes the ____ go away.'Julius Nicholson
'Everyone knows we don't get on. We are the _______ _______ of politics.'Steve Fleming
'Well here's the news, Malcolm, I will not eat the _____ _____.'Julius Nicholson
'Did you see me being deliberately less ______ than usual?'Terri Coverley
'Does he understand the policy? Forgive my concern, but it's a bit like asking if a dog can grasp the concept of _____.'Fergus Williams
'I'm bored of this. I'm going for a ____.'Peter Mannion
'Phil! Did the last ___ ____ only happen to other people??'Emma Messinger
'Okay lovely people, let's go _____ in the forest of knowledge.'Stewart Pearson
'If you want to see something 'probably illegal,' pass me that f**king _____ over there.'Adam Kenyon
'It's on. It's on like ___ ___ ____.'Malcolm Tucker
'Somebody get me a f**king ____!'Malcolm Tucker
'Oh please, please. I'm not Christ. He was quite a _____ man.'Dan Miller
'I don't have a guilty conscience, but I do have a guilty ___.'Terri Coverley
'I like getting on my ____ ____. I look good on it. Like a knight.'Dan Miller
'You see, a leak of this magnitude would require one essential item that Ollie lacks. And that's a ____. He is a man without a ____, he is a man-worm.'Glenn Cullen
'I'm here in an _____ capacity.'Mary Drake
'It's just another day at the ____ _____.'Malcolm Tucker
'And Peter... it's been dreadful. I hope your ___ ____ ___.'Glenn Cullen
'You know ___ ____ _____ about me.'Malcolm Tucker
'What a ___ day!'Peter Mannion

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