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Forced Order
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'Well, well. Look who's here - you two shopping for your new dream home?'
'But know this; the ones that love us never really leave us. And you can always find them in here.'
'What would you have done, Sirius?'
You'll find no small glasses in this house.'
'Now, if you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you could lower your wand.'
'You're more like them then you know, Harry. In time you'll come to see just how much.'
'Not only did Black lead You-Know-Who to the Potters that night, he also killed one of their friends, Peter Pettigrew.'
'Little lump of a boy, always following after Sirius Black.'
'She won't let me in! She just won't!'
'Listen to you two, quarrelling like an old married couple.'
'Harry, I want you to swear to me that whatever you might hear, you won't go looking for Black.'
'Peaky? What'd you expect him to look like? He fell fifty feet.'
'Oh, I remember him. Never let James and Sirius out of his sight. But what happened?'
'A child's voice, however honest and true, is meaningless to those who've forgotten how to listen.'
'Muggles? They don't see nothing, do they?'
'Don't say 'yes' in that ungrateful way.'
'Oh, amazing! And just with my voice!'
'You know, the Egyptians used to worship cats.'
'The Fat lady... she's gone!'
'It's too late, it's ruined. It'll have to be chopped off.'
'I'm Head Boy!'
'If you'll stop squirming, we have a better way...'

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