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Morgan shows Ford a coffin containing...
Morgan wants to take Ford on an expedition to...
Who comes to visit Sarah, the girl who lives in the attic?
The man who visits Sarah is a professional...
This type of music is played after Father requests a performance
Sarah and Coalhouse get _________ at the end of the chapter.
Mother's Younger Brother gets mistaken for...
Mother's Younger Brother runs into...
Mother's Younger Brother considers committing ______.
Mother, Father, and the Little Boy live in this city...
Emma Goldman's political belief...
What NYC neighborhood does JP Morgan reside in?
Henry Ford makes a statement against this ethnic group during his lunch with JP Morgan...
Which African American does Mother reference when she defends allowing Coalhouse to stay for tea?
This culture becomes quite popular doing the Progressive Era...
Father believes Coalhouse acts like a ______ man.
Coalhouse visits the family every ______ of the week.
When Coalhouse first comes to see Sarah, Sarah ______ to see him.

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