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Forced Order
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'write a deed of gift with thine own blood'
'Revolt, or i'll in piecemeal tear thy flesh'
'Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificial.'
'som poysoun, that he might his rattis quelle'
'a living ring of terror'
'There are some eyes can eat you.'
''damnation' terrifies not him, for he confounds hell in Elysium'
'even Van Helsing's iron nerve had failed'
'His red eyes flamed with devilish passion'
'his parents base of stock'
'Tel us som moral thing, that we may leere'
'Ther com a prive thef men clepen deth'
'an extraordinarily precious slit throat'
'offer lukewarm blood of new-born babes'
'the god thou servest is thine own appetite'
'Think thou on hell, ..., for thou art damned'
'the taste of the original apple'
'the castle is on the edge of a terrible precipice'
'I trowe he were a geldying or a mare'
'He will lick the skin off me!'
'she actually licked her lips like an animal'
'too much formal symmetry of feature to be entirely human'
'bleeds, screams, falls.'
QuoteTextExtra Information
'glutted more with learning's golden gifts'
'This night i'll conjure, though I die therefore'
'He hath a thousand slayn this pestilence'
'She is the divinity he's come to worship'
'I wol drinke licour of the wyn and have a joly wenche in every toun'
'The blood is the life! the blood is the life!'
'in latyn speke I wordes fewe, to savoure with my predicacioun'
'shot a man-eating tiger with her own hand'
'Have her my trouth, thou art his aspye'
'seek to save distressed ... soul!'
'Unclean! Unclean!'
'I am a servant to great Lucifer'
'he stood between them like a lion at bay'
'unmarked as a spilled bolt of bridal satin'
'The Devil is as real as you or I'
'a brave man's blood is the best thing when a woman is in trouble'
'Devil holds picnics in the graveyards'
'He is the tender butcher'
'they herd a belle clinke'
'we wondered if she were truly dead'
''Thou ..., thou belamy', he sayde'
'to kyndle and blowe the fuyr of leccherie'

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