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Can you answer these questions about John Christie, a British serial killer?

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What was the address of Christie's flat, in which he murdered his known victims?
What was the first name of Christie's wife, who he also murdered in his flat?
How was John Christie better known to his friends, a nickname taken from one of his middle names?
How many of his victims did Christie bury in his back garden?
In what year was Timothy Evans executed, after being wrongfully accused of the murder of his wife and daughter?
Christie's first prison experience was in 1921 for three months; but what crime did he commit?
How did Christie usually murder his victims?
Christie was exposed as a murderer when a neighbour discovered three bodies hidden where in his flat?
What did Christie claim he was unable to do for the rest of his life following a mustard gas attack during the First World War?
After assaulting a prostitute in 1929 by beating her with a cricket bat, how long was Christie sentenced to hard labour?
What did Christie tell the Evans' he had trained as, making them believe Christie could safely perform an abortion?
What did Christie sometimes keep as a souvenir after murdering one of his victims?
How many women is Christie known to have murdered?
Name any one of the three women murdered by Christie and hidden in his kitchen wall?
During the second world war, where did Christie successfully apply to work?
What ailment did Christie's second victim, Muriel Eady, suffer from which Christie claimed he could cure with his 'special treatment'?
How old was Geraldine Evans when she died, Christie's youngest known victim?
In which area of the UK did Christie's known murders take place?
Although he confessed to the murders of 7 women, who was Christie actually put on trial for murdering?
What did Christie plead in court when charged with murder, a plea that was rejected by the jury?
When Thomas Evans was on trial for the death of his wife and daughter, who did Christie insist was responsible for their murders?
How did John Christie die?
When the bodies were found at Rillington Place and the man hunt began, Christie wandered around spending time in which kind of establishment for ten days before being captured?
What connected the execution of Thomas Evans, who was wrongly accused of murdering his wife Beryl, and John Christie, who actually killed Beryl Evans, other than Beryl herself?
Where was Thomas Evans originally from, where he also returned to following the death of his wife at the instruction of Christie?
Where did Christie and his wife live before Christie moved to London?

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