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Which actor plays Castle?
Which actress plays Beckett?
How many seasons have there been?
What is Castle's mothers name?
Name Beckett's fathers name?
Which captain was shot in a hangar?
Who's mother was murdered?
Who was responsible for Joanna's death?
What does Joanna's grave say?
Which episode do Castle and Beckett get together?
Who does Seamus Dever play?
Who does Jon Huertas play?
What season do Castle and Beckett get married?
How many marriages has Castle had?
Name the first episode?
What is Meredith's nickname for Castle?
What secret ingredient is in Meredith's coffee?
What does Rogan O'Leary call Beckett?
Name the second captain of the 12th precinct?
Which killer has taunted Castle for multiple seasons?
What character does Castle base on Beckett?
Who was Beckett dating in season 2?
Who was the surgeon that operated on Beckett when she was shot?
Who did Castle leave with at the end of season 2?
What was the dog called Castle and Beckett looked after?
What was the name of the baby Castle and Beckett looked after?
Who was the violent cop that joined forces with Castle?
When Alexis was kidnapped what city was she taken?
Name the episode Beckett admits she remembers everything from her shooting?
What is the bar castle buys in season 3?
When Castle says he has X-Ray specs, where does Beckett have a piercing?
What language does Beckett speak in 'In the Belly of the Beast'?
Which song is sung at the end of Last call?
What episode frequently references Grey's Anatomy?
What object does Beckett claim to do tricks with?
What does Beckett's hair smell like?
What movie does Castle claim never to have watched so Beckett will take him?
What episode do Castle and Beckett share their first kiss?
In 'Time will tell', what position is Beckett told she will hold in the future?
How many children do Castle and Beckett have?
What episode does Beckett's apartment blow up in?
Name the contract killer from Sucker Punch?
Name the drug lord working closely with Bracken?
Who was Beckett's FBI boyfriend?
Who was Beckett's training officer?
Castle's other book series was about who?
Beckett's best friends name?
Less frequent medical examiner?
What is Castle and Beckett's shared word?
What is Castle and Beckett's song?

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