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Pop-princess known for her happy hardcore dance hitsWent by the name 'Blossom' on her English albums
A genre of music popular in the early-mid 80's derived from punk and new wave music in AmericaA popular band in this genre is Ideal
The lead singer of a popular band of the same name in the 80's. Currently, she has a successful solo career. Popular songs include 99 Luftballons and Nur geträumt
This group's most popular hits are Computerliebe and Herz An HerzThe two members of the group are husband and wife
This krautrock band is still performing around the world after more than 40 years.They will play a concert in London in 2010 called the Zeitgeist concert
A Neue Deutsche Härte band known around the world. Their signature song has the same title as the band's name.The group's drummer is nicknamed 'Doom'
This band could be described as an emo rock group. Their lead singer is an androgynous looking guy with big hair.The band is fronted by a set of twins with the name of Kaulitz
Eva Briegel fronts this pop band. Because of the 2004 tsunami in Asia, the band's famous single, Perfekte Welle, was not played on some radio stations.The band's name translates to a month in the gregorian calendar.
A modern band with a very lunar name fronted by singer Stefanie Kloß.'Du bist das Beste was mir je passiert ist...'
One of the best known German punk bands with over 20 albums to date!The band's name translated to 'The Physicians'

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