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Can you name the in-game IDs of these StarCraft players?

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Forced Order
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Real NameIn-game ID
이윤열 (Lee Yoon Yeol)
김동건 (Kim Dong Kun)
김택용 (Kim Taek Yong)
박재혁 (Park Jae Hyuk)
마재윤 (Ma Jae Yoon)
박성준 (Park Sung Joon)
진영수 (Jin Yung Soo)
박찬수 (Park Chan Soo)
허영무 (Heo Yeong Moo)
김명운 (Kim Myung Woon)
Real NameIn-game ID
이영호 (Lee Young Ho)
임요환 (Lim Yo Hwan)
윤용태 (Yoon Yong Tae)
송병구 (Song Byung Goo)
도재욱 (Doh Jae Wook)
김구현 (Kim Ku Hyun)
변형태 (Byun Hyung Tae)
염보성 (Yum Bo Sung)
한상봉 (Han Sang Bong)
김윤환 (Kim Yoon Hwan)

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