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Andy Dufresne's favorite word; the theme of the film.
Heywood gives Andy six feet of...
To come to terms with.
What superheroes wear.
Used to stick things together.
'Prison is no fairy____ world.'
'What say there fuzzy britches? Feel like ____ing?'
What Andy used to hang his posters, perhaps.
Holds items.
Type of hammer Andy requests.
'The part of you that knows it was a sin to ____ them up does rejoice.'
'You ____ like a man who knows how to get things.'
Crazy person.
'His judgement cometh, and that right ____.'
A benefit bestowed upon request.
'They march you in naked as the day you were ____.'
To disinterest someone.
Your legs after a long run, perhaps.
Part of a shoe.
When an item is marked down.
Hadley: 'For Christ's ____!'
Brooks's bird.
What you eat on your birthday.
'I got me this job one time bussin' tables at a country club, so I could ____ all the big rich pricks that come in.'
Red is playing ____ball when Andy first approaches him.
To beat something in.
President 2000-2008.
'Get ____ livin' or get ____ dyin'.'
'Hadley ____ed his head pretty good.'
'Hope is a good thing. Maybe the ____ of things.'
'What they did do is ____ Andy within an inch of his life.'
'I don't need no smart wife-killin' banker to tell me where the ____ **** in the buckwheat.'
____ can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.
Several letters in the film open with this word.
Opposite of far.
An accomplishment, often with 'impressive'.
A party or celebration.
Your hand's shape when your curl all your fingers in.
New Shawshank prisoners are called this.
'I ____ I could tell you that Andy fought the good fight.'
'We sat and drank ____ the sun on our shoulders.'
Common expression: Keep your ____ about you.
Holes or ditches, perhaps.
Flat, hollow bread that holds ingredients.
Andy's first poster girl.

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