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Forced Order
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“You saw that I was dying and yet you walked away?”
“We got mice in Oz but they don’t seem too bright. It’s the rats you gotta look out for. Our rats come in all shapes and sizes.”
“He’s the crazy **** that came at me. He’s the **** that shattered the glass that went into my eye.”
“I **** all over a man. That’s not normal.”
“If the three of us hang together, Said’s our bitch.”
“Right now, we’re on the edge of oblivion. We’re on the brink of disaster. No before we all join hands and jump, I need another chance.”
“Oh great, more Em City prags. You **** have a hissy fit, now the rest of us gotta sleep on top of each other?”
“I dig. I can dig anywhere. I’m gonna dig my way out of Oz.”
“You tell that Guinea **** something for me. We got rats.”
“You got all the power, huh? You think that you can just **** on people…and get away with it?”
“You think I’m gonna help you turn this prison into the People’s Court?”
“Do you seriously think that John and Jane Q. Public give a **** that some drugged-out homeboy is gonna get a diploma?”
“Ryan O’Reily- he calls me 10 times a day! He writes me letters. It’s starting to freak me out.”
“Beecher loves me. He won’t admit it yet, but he loves me.”
“Kareem Said- according to this file, you are one incredible pain in the ass.”
“Schillinger, don’t let anything happen to Beecher’s daughter.”
“My brother, he does bad things. But deep down, he’s not bad.”
“What the **** is happening here?”
“How’d you like a ****?”
“Robert. Though most of the jokers in Oz call me Bob.”

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