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Forced Order
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Orphan moves to Kansas, then to the Big City
Futuristic flashlights are actually a thing of the past
Some folks will go a long way just to get rid of bad jewelry
Some landlubbers find that sailing in the sea puts them out of their deppth
Teacher gathers up 'gifted' students to move into his house with him
Fishermen discover prey that roars
Men in Blue never seem to graduate
After this series reboots a few more times, every actor in Hollywood will have worn red & blue pajamas or bizarre green battle gear
Its all fun and games until somebody sacrifices a limb
Scary man attacks sleeping teenagers, perhaps trying to get a hold of their Proactiv
Goth kid grows up, but still wears lots of black
Yo! Being hit in the head this much would make anyone mumble-mouthed
Billionaire playboy gets a new suit. And another. And another.
Evidently the only thing that magic can't fix is myopia
A classy suit and sunglasses can help you deal with problems that are out-of-this-world
Cheeky Brit saves the world from card sharks, cat lovers, and beautiful women
Ship full of explorers finds a logical way to reboot without forgetting the past
Forgetful spy ultimately remembers how to do his job
Big lug shows you can't judge a fairy tale book by its cover
I have no idea what happened in these Toy Stories, it was just a blur of metal pieces flying around by the Bay
College professor takes several supernatural sabbaticals
Who knew that the undead could be so sparkly?

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