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Pulls guy over for speeding; arrests; search finds drugs
Informant on trainstop guy with heroin
Helicopter flying over a greenhouse
Backpack full of weed in the trunk
Strip searches for misdemeanors
Arrest for failure to show ID
Drug dog smells weed from the porch
Open field of weed
Aldo the drug dog should have flunked
Thermal imaging device discovers garage garden
Elaborate drug scheme from Illinois to Florida; informant
Drunk guy walks home; leaves his car; police come in to arrest
Police break into home, see shell casing on the floor
Drug testing for border patrol
Trailer search and porch seizure
Impounded car; inventory found weed
Police accidentally knock on wrong apartment, smell weed
Informant; cop pulls gun out of car
Casing a store, officer does a pat down
Passenger at a traffic stop; contraband everywhere
Robbed a bank; money in a bag in a closet
Smoking in the girls room
Guy walking out of known crack house; pat down
Nightclub owner, GPS tracking
Bullet lodged in shoulder is evidence
Third party consent to search a vehicle
Robbed a liquor store, stayed in hotel room
Traffic stop; passenger opens glovebox; roll of money
Flight in a high crime area
Wiretapping a phone booth
Trailer of weed and blue car on the highway
Transporting alcohol into MO; officers saw car riding low
Greyhound bus permissive searches
Syringe in pocket, meth in purse
Gov. agent testimony from overhearing via wiretap
Going through garbage doesn't constitute 'search'
No expectation of privacy with bank records
Arrested for suspended license, cop found gun and coke
Cigarette packet full of contraband
Police see white powder going into bags from the street
Coin shop burglar
Hot pursuit, throwing crack rocks away
Informant; guy at a bus stop
Freight carrier sees white powder on a package

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