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What year were the Articles of Confederation created?
What year were the Articles of Confederation ratified?
Which Continental Congress established the Articles of Confederation?
The ___ ___________ _________ chose George Washington to be the Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army
The 1st Continental Congress was established in the year _____
___ ______ started the 1st Continental Congress
What was the 'life span' of the Confederation Congress
The ___ Continental Congress was in response to the Intolerable Acts
The Articles of Confederation were: A) The treaty that ended the American Revolution B) The 1st Constitution of the U.S. C) The agreement btwn. the U.S. and France to pay off war d
True of False: The Articles of Confederation established courts
How many presidents served under the Articles of Confederation?
The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to: A) Limit the rights of individuals. B) Specify the powers of the government. C) Specify the powers of citizens.
If a citizen if forced to confess, which amendment is this violating?
The bill of Rights consists of how many amendments?
Which amendment deals with the right to bear arms?
Which amendment outlaws cruel and unusual punishment?
Which amendment states that the rights not listed in the Bill of Rights are reserved to the states or to the people?
Which amendment states that there is no quartering of soldiers?
Which amendment deals with freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, assembly, petition, and ice cream?
Which amendment deals with Double Jeopardy?

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