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Can you name the litigation basics aspects?

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To start civil litigation...
Burden of proof in a criminal case
File this to resolve admissibility of piece of evidence
Can't file a complaint without...
Response to a Complaint
Equivalent of Summary Judgment in a criminal trial
How many rods are in 66 feet?
Evidence that the Prosecution must provide to Defendant in criminal case
These are given to the jury before they begin to reach a verdict
Formal questions in informal setting
Questions of Law in appellate process fall under this review
Who controls Discovery in criminal cases?
Burden of proof in a civil case
File this motion against illegally procured evidence
Make this discovery request to see information stored on a computer
Statement of testimony to be given at trial if a suitable plea bargain is offered
A Supreme Court opinion that is not binding
Filed when there's no “genuine issue of material fact and moving party entitled to judgment as matter of law”
'no legally sufficient evidentiary basis' for jury to find in opponents favor
Appeal to decide on issue before final judgment is rendered
Unlimited number of these challenges when winnowing down jury
Limited number of these challenges when winnowing down jury
Cannot file this unless a JMOL is filed

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