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Can you name the importance, effects and traits of the Mississippi River in the mid-nineteenth century?

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Around Huck's time, and still today, the Mississippi River Valley provides many of our nation's _____ products.
What percentage of America is included in the watershed?
Natural and manmade debris scattered along the river made it difficult to navigate.True or False
Steamboats usually transported various _____.
Was the risk of fire or other disaster on board a steamboat was high?Yes or No
Mark Twain himself piloted a steamboat.True or False
Luxurious steamboats sometimes rivaled each other and took part in ______.
Steamboats and the entire river failed to provide a unique setting for literature.True or False
The two earlier types of boats that were cheaper but slower than riverboats were ______.
Does Tenessee border the Mississippi River?Yes or No
The invention of _____ driven engines allowed the creation of the steamboat.
The Mississippi River covers so much ground that it is officially the ____ longest river in the world.
Travel on the Mississippi River was always harsh and rugged, not appealing to higher classes.True or False
The most basic type of river travel were ____.
Question or StatementResponseExtra Information
Steamboat engines were the basis for train engines.True or False
Twain renamed his childhood town ______ in his novels.
Fancier boats had long _____ that guest could walk around on.
Later, the Mississippi River and its steamboats and riverboats were essential suppliers during the _____ ______.
Which steamboat held the title of most elaborate?
The entire river culture resprented the grander views of Americans as they expanded west.True or False
Made by the Fulton and Livingston company, the first steamboat was named _____.
In what Mississippi River town did Mark Twain grow up in?
Early riverboats primarily transported goods such as ______.
Was the number of riverboats on the Mississippi fairly low?Yes or No
Riverboats, on the other hand, primarily held _____.
Many interiors of riverboats included huge bedrooms, dining room and ballrooms.True or False
The Mississippi River was generally easy to navigate and travel.True or False
Many steamboats were named after ____.

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