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I can run during one hour
Do you taste different foods?
She bites
We remember
They are cold
You are right
We are scared
My mom solves problems
I sleep at 10 pm
He dreams with animals
Do you fly in the summer?
do you tell your secrets to your friends?
I do not remember
I do not understand
I sleep in the sofa on Saturdays
I come back home after school
I show my video games to my friends
I am able to sleep for 10 hours on the weekends
My dogs bites sometimes
They show
We fly to the beach in the summer
You bite
My mom hangs my clothes
I demonstrate my efforts ( mis esfuerzos) everyday
I have 3 books and a calculator for my math class
I am not scared of darkness( la oscuridad)
My mom cooks chicken at nights
My family plays tennis when the weather is good
My sister sleeps a lot

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