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Forced Order
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How many romances has Emily had?
What does Aria order when she first meets Ezra?
What caused Jenna to go blind?What or who was responsible?
What is Noel Kahn's brother called?First name
What colour dress does Aria wear at homecoming?
When did Melissa lose her baby?'Day after..'
Who was the first person accused of Ali's murder?First name
How much were the sunglasses worth that Hanna stole?
Who committed suicide?First name
How did Mona celebrate her birthday?
What did Noel write on the back of Ezra's car?
Who does Mrs. Marin steal money from?
Who lied about going to rehab?First name
Who made a homophobic comment towards Emily?First name
Where was Wayne Fields stationed?
Who dropped off money for the girls in the woods?Name of person or job they do
Who pushed Ian off the bell tower?First name
Which significant character makes her first appearance in S3?
Who's mother got hospitalised while he was imprisoned?First name
What episode does Ezria tell Aria's parent about them?Episode name or season and episode number
What book does Ezra give to Aria?
Who's office had been spray painted with 'nosey bitches die'?
What does NAT stand for in Latin?
Which means what in English?
What eating disorder did Hanna previously have?
What does Toby find in the Hastings' backyard?
Why did Emily get hospitalised in S2?
Who accidentally breaks Ella's wrist?First name
What was Jenna's friend called in her rehab for the visually impaired?First name
Who pretended to kidnap Alison?First name
Who did Aria have a one night stand with?First name
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
What did Kate used to be labelled as?
What was the name of the sorority house Spencer and Emily discovered?
Where did Byron offer Ezra a job to get him out of Rosewood?State or specific city
Where does Maya buy a ticket to but doesn't go?State or specific city
Where do Aria's parents consider sending her after finding out about her and Ezra?State only will be fine
Who has a panic attack after supposedly seeing 'A'?First name
In which episode does Meredith drug Aria?Episode name or season and episode number
Who's mom almost got ran off the road by 'A'?First name
What item of Emily's clothing shown up in a donation box from 'that night'?
What were the pills called that Emily was drugged with?Initials only will be fine
What do Jason and Spencer find in the April Rose store?
What was the name of Maya's website?
What is Ezra's moms name?First name
Where did Caleb get shot?
What job role does Ted Wilson have?
Which two people were the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train?First names
Who owns the Lost Woods Resort?First name
Who was board shorts?First name
Who's car got sunk in a lake?
Where was the creepy doll hospital?
Where do Paige and Emily have aspirations of moving to?US State
Who's the woman who owns the creepy doll hospital?
What was placed in Wilden's casket?
What did Aria's doll from 'A' command her to do in 'Over My Dead Body'?
What is Gabriel Holbrook's dad called?First name
Who created all the face moulds of Alison and Melissa?First name
How many years imprisonment could Hanna get for carrying a concealed weapon?
Who did CeCe supposedly pay to fake a flight plan?First name
Who does Caleb meet on the way to Ravenswood?First name
Who did Ezra assume to be 'A'?
What does Spencer find in her wedding dress that she modelled?
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Who shot Ezra in New York?First name
How many people has Wren kissed/been with on the show?
What's Alison's old dog called?Got the dog in S5
What colour does Hanna add to her hair for a short while?
What's the name of the Radley patient that was friends with Bethany Young?First name
Who killed Bethany Young?First name
Who buried Bethany Young?First name
What's the name of the boy who moved into Spencer's barn?First name
How many people have asked the famous line 'Did you miss me?'
What is Caleb's dad called?First name
What does Mike store of Mona's?
Which couple shared their first kiss in the school library while reading 'Great Expectations'?Couple name or separate names
What's Wren and Melissa's roommate in London called?First name
Who's blood was planted on Mona's clothes?First name
What colour top is Alison forced to put on to save the Liars from the dollhouse?
Which couple gets engaged in 7x06 'Wanted: Dead or Alive'?Couple name or separate names
What does Alison steal from Lorenzo to get answers?
What happened to the Liars when they were in the dollhouse morgue?
What's the theme of the prom in the episode 'Last Dance'?
Who punched Sara Harvey?First name (This isn't hard, it's just funny thinking back to it)
What officer is present when 'A' is revealed?
Finish the line (2 words): 'Please tell me you don't own a ______ _____'
What's A's real name?First name
Who is Charlotte DiLaurentis' and Spencer Hastings' birth mom?First name
What does Caleb refer to the new 'big bad' as?
What relation is Charlotte to Alison?
Who is revealed to be pregnant in S7?First name
Which two people work together for the sake of Charlotte?First names
What's the final episode (Season 7, Episode 20) of PLL called?

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