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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Characters as of season 7?

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Forced Order
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Queen Bee?
Other blondie?
Sporty one?
Academic one?
Older brother of Alison?
Aria's mom?
Aria's dad?
Spencer's dad?
Spencer's mom?
Hanna's mom?
Hanna's dad?
Emily's mom?
Emily's (deceased) dad?
Alison's (deceased) mom?
Alison's dad?
Hanna's step mom?
Hanna's step sister?
Who got blinded by the Liars?
Spencer's ex-boyfriend? Member of the police force?
Emily's first girlfriend?
Former Rosewood High teacher? Engaged to Aria.
Ezra's brother?
Part of the NAT club and kissed Spencer?
Spencer's older sister?
Was arrested for Alison's and Maya's murder? Now dead.
Emily's only boyfriend?
Police officer who used to harass the Liars? Now dead.
Police officer who was suspended in S5?
Female police officer? Curly hair?
Revealed to be the main Red Coat?
Hanna's boyfriend? Still in love with.
Hanna's first boyfriend?
The only nice police officer?
Was murdered and mistaken for Alison?
Most significant character of the show? Sends the Liars texts and threats?
Spencer's first boyfriend?
Aria's former martial arts teacher and boyfriend?
Aria's younger brother?
Aria's old babysitter?
Who was arrested for holding the Liars in the dollhouse?
British doctor who was engaged to Melissa?
One of Hanna's best friends? Was once labelled 'hermy'?
First 'A'?
Plays football and has dated Aria, Mona and Jenna?
Noel's brother?
Maya's 'cousin' who murdered her?
Police officer who briefly dated Alison?
Undercover police officer who got close to Aria?
Was once engaged to Ella but hit on Hanna?
Used to 'date' Aria so she could secretly meet Ezra?
Ezra's 'son'?
The girl Ezra supposedly got pregnant in high school?
Pretended to kidnap Alison?
Spencer's sobriety/sober coach?
Moved into Spencer's barn in S5?
Pastor who dated Ashley?
Aria had a one night stand with him in S4 after her and Ezra broke up?
Part of the Carissimi group? Once mistaken for Charles.
Kissed Aria and told all his friends she was a 'sl-t' because she rejected him?
Caleb's dad?
Hanna's boyfriend who helped her mom get out of jail?
Worked in Radley but suddenly disappeared when he was supposed to meet Ezra?
Was close to Ali and from Brookhaven?
Ezra's old college friend?
Dropped off money in the woods for the Liars?
Works at the plane information place?
Two twins who worked with Ali at one point?
Dated Emily in season 5 but wasn't sure of her sexuality?
Blonde who dated Emily?
Emily's former girlfriend who moved to California?
Made the creepy face moulds?
Former principal at Rosewood High?
Vice principal at Rosewood High?
Owned the Lost Woods Resort?
Killed at the Fitzgerald Theatre?
Pushed of the Radley rooftop?
The woman that Byron had an affair with?
Girl who was involved in Ravenswood?
One of Mona's friends from Radley?
Therapist the Liars saw?
New to the swim team in season 5? Jenna's look-a-like?
Got Alison out of the ground?
Ezra's ex-fiancee?
Ezra's mother?
Hanna's grandmother?
Friend of Sara Harvey?
Patient at Radley that Aria 'stole' drawings from?
Mona's mom?
Who gave Spencer pot?
Alison's ex-husband?
Charlotte's and Spencer's birth mom?
Hanna's ex-fiance?
Aria's ex-boyfriend who she wrote with?
Ezra's former girlfriend who was recently found alive in Colombia?
Toby's current financee?
New detective who had a 'thing' with Spencer in an elevator?

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