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When typing the names of the episodes, I made it possible to type it in as '2x07' for example, that'd be for season 2 episode 7!

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Forced Order
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In which episode did..Answer
Caleb and Hanna break up for the first time?
CeCe make her first appearance?
Meredith claim to be helping Aria but instead drugged her?
Ezra find out that Malcolm wasn't his child?
Toby find Melissa's buried field hockey stick in the Hastings' backyard?
Mona get 'murdered'?
Hanna and Kate meet for the first time?
Caleb and Spencer officially start dating?
'A' force Hanna to eat all those cupcakes in the shape of pigs?
Aria find out about Ezra's book?
Spencer find out that Jason is her half-brother?
Spencer get kicked in the face by a horse?
Noel try to blackmail Ezra into giving him a better grade?
Maya come back after she got sent to True North?
Hardy make his first and only appearance?
Emily receive a necklace that says 'dead girls can't smile'?
Hanna and Caleb share their first shower?
The Liars suspect Rhys Matthews of being Charles?
Ezra and Aria officially but only briefly meet (not in the Pilot episode)?
Emily come out to her parents?
Alison's dog find Mrs. DiLaurentis' body?
Emily break up with her only boyfriend, Ben and first kiss Maya?
CeCe tell Emily that Alison thought she was pregnant?
In which episode did..Answer
CeCe listen to one of Ezra and Aria's conversations in a black hoodie?
Hanna say 'I never stopped loving you' to Caleb?
The Liars meet Duncan Albert?
Hanna get caught shoplifting and arrested for it?
Toby's house get blew up from a 'gas leak'?
The Liars get arrested for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal?
Caleb get shot by Lyndon?
Hanna get run over by 'A'?
Ezra and Aria tell Aria's parents about them?
Spencer and Toby first kiss?
Aria have a one night stand with Riley?
Ezra first meet Byron over a parent-teacher conference?
Alison and Elliott get married?
Alison's memorial take place?
Emily find the storage locker key in a snow globe that Alison gave to her?
Jenna and Spencer play a game of Truth?
Noel return to school after his suspension?
The Liars find out about Alison's secret alias 'Vivian Darkbloom'?
Emily ask Sydney: 'Why are you parked on my street?' and slay her ass with the speech that came afterwards?
Paige try to drown Emily?
Spencer and Emily go to Cicero college to try and find out about the number that Tippi was singing?
Hanna and Sean break up because 'A' made her dance with Lucas the whole night?
The first 'A' get revealed?
In which episode did..Answer
Darren Wilden's body get found after he was murdered?
Ella think that Spencer was dating Ezra?
Emily take Toby to homecoming?
Holbrook get suspended from the Police force?
The Liars find out who big 'A' was and her whole story?
Hanna say that she didn't like Shana because she flirts with everyone else but her?
Alison push Ian off the bell tower?
Garrett get murdered?
Hanna get Jenna out of the DiLaurentis' house which had been set alight?
Spencer have a dream which set the whole episode in noir?
Aria run to Ezra in the parking lot and kiss him on his last day of teaching at Rosewood?
Emily get accused of destroying Alison's memorial by Wilden?
Toby accidentally eat Spencer's pot gummy bears?
Aria and Ezra have their final break up?
Spencer and Wren kiss, causing him and Melissa to break up?
Emily get a stomach ulcer which hospitalised her?
The Liars escape from the dollhouse?
Ezra first propose to Aria?
Aria throw Toby's file in the river?
Spencer start to tutor Toby in French?
Alison come back and say the famous line 'did you miss me'?

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