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Forced Order
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What is the main character's name?
Who is the flock's top performer?
Which bird tends to share his food and not save it for himself?
Who gets captured and sent to the dessert?
What is the first virtue to be a superior manager?
Who presented the 'Paws on Performance' Value to Charlie?
What are Charlie's paired P's of scoring food?
What are the three values of a Superior Manager?
What was the name of the baby sea otter?
Who taught Charlie about communication?
What was the name of the turtle?
What type of animal presented the second virtue?
Which bird came from Taiwan?
What is the sea otter's name?
Where did the flock move from?
What state are they in?
What is the third virtue to be a superior manager?
Which bird thought of the night shift?
Where does the flock currently live?
Which bird wears glasses?
Which bird thought of stealing from the gift shop?
What does Charlie keep in his feathers?
What was the name of their show?
Which animal delivers messages?
What type of manager is Charlie at the beginning of the story?
Why did the flock decide to stay?
What type of animal presented the last virtue?

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