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Can you name the 80's Toys (UK)?

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Action Figures including He-Man and SkeletorMoTU
Tiny toy carsMM
Dolly's that grow out of the ground!CPD
Small horsesMLP
A 6 sided puzzleRC
Magnetic drawing padEaS
Create amazing patternsS
Plastic bricks that stick togetherS
Create your very own ice pops and slush puppies MF
Board game you set up as you go alongMT
Programmable Toy CarBT
Create your own fizzy popSS
Learn to spellSaS
Plug in the pegs to light up the display and create a pictureLA
Board game - Try not to make the donkey kick!B
These are hungry anilmals!HH
Eliminate the faces and find out who your opponent isGW
Action figures including Lion-O and Mumm RaT
Teddy bears with sybols on their belly'sCB
Stuffed dogs with floppy ears and droopy eyesPP
Robots that turn into other objectsT
Monster-like hand puppets that live in cagesB
Oversized water pistolSS
Hand held games consoleGB

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