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QUIZ: Can you name the Prepositions ? Some of the dependent prepositions in the sentences below are wrong. For the sentences that are correct write OK. For the incorrect sentences, write the correct preposition.

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The twins have been inseparable from each other since birth.
However hard they try, many politicians are divorced from reality.
Processed food is often deficient in essential nutrients and contains far too many artificial chemicals.
I was half inclined to believe you until I read the letter.
The decision was symptomatic with a system going soft.
Their marriage has been fraught by difficulties that neither could have foreseen.
Diana feels very nostalgic with the friends she left behind when she moved house.
I was conscious by the fact that there was someone watching me.
The director's latest film is indicative to contemporary moral and social disintegration.
The manufacturing industry is still buoyant but cannot remain immune from current economic trends.
The warm hospitality was certainly conducive with an easy-going atmosphere.
His success is attributed to his talent and a few lucky breaks.
A person is eligible for student membership if he or she is following a recognized course.
Surveys have revealed that some people are more susceptible by stress than others.
The old custom is rooted with the folklore of the country.

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