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Can you name the prepositions? Complete the sentences with a suitable dependent preposition.

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At this time of year snow is certainly an exception _____the rule.
Interest rates are _____ an all-time low.
What is the effect of these policies _____the country as a whole?
My appraisal _____the situation is that it is much more serious than people think.
Don't be offended – no one is casting aspersions _____you.
An ugly dispute _____oil rights has led to rising tensions between the two countries.
I don't have any misgivings _____supporting the left-wing movement.
_____ this economic backdrop, the government's manifesto seems out of touch.
Demand _____tickets was so great that some people queued all night to get their hands on them.
Dickens was a colourful character and a great writer _____ the bargain.
Clive exhibits a distinct lack of respect _____anything and anybody.
Some people don't enjoy being _____ the limelight.
Many people are thought to be _____ risk after the breakout of a new flu virus.
_____ the height of its power, this was a mighty civilization.
The negative comments were a slur _____the staff at the nursing home.
The children have an insatiable appetite _____pizza.
_____ the auspices of the conciliation service, talks took place between the two factions yesterday.
_____ contrast to her outburst of last week, her manner was entirely composed.
The striker was delighted with his form and happy to get another game _____ his belt.
One notable absence _____the concert was a classical pianist.
I don't quite understand the terms _____reference used in this document.
If you are planning on travelling around the country _____ a shoestring, I'd highly recommend this book.
In my opinion, the greatest threat _____mankind is nuclear war.
He was _____ great pains to stress that conflict resolves nothing.
There is growing controversy _____the two incidents involving political prisoners.
_____ light of last week's performance, it's important that you follow my instructions to the letter.
There is widespread opposition among the public _____ large towards these draconian measures.
There are so many drawbacks _____the plan you are suggesting that I don't know where to begin.
The managing directors have come _____ fire because of their recent decisions.
The singer's popularity has been _____ the wane for some years now.

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