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Migration is the perilous seasonal journey undertaken by many bird species. In the northern hemisphere it is prompted by the ... of food.scarce
Migrants are also ... programmed to respond to the changing length of the day as autumn approaches.gene
Nevertheless, in the tropics, where there is little variation in the amount of daylight, migration is still a surprisingly common ...occur
Many birds will display considerable restlessness before beginning their journeys. Their the earth's magnetic field helps them navigate, sense
but inexperienced birds may get things ... wrong and end up far from their intended destination.spectacle
Although it is ... for birds to return earlier than their rivals so they can establish territoriesadvantage
However, some birds are ... reducing the distances they migrate in response to a milder climate.progress
Their adaptability in such a short period in ... terms has greatly surprised scientists.evolve
Power napping is an ... strategy.effect
Power napping involves taking an intense sleep which dramatically improves ... , making it especially useful for those with a demanding schedulealert
such as mothers of babies or travelling business ...execute
However, the conditions must be right and practice is required to ... the effects.maximum
To prevent ... on awakening, power naps should last about 25 minutes.orientate
Falling asleep so quickly takes practice, but is in fact a habit which is ... easy to
Power-napping is not a good idea if you find it difficult to wake up at the ...
Finally, power-napping should not be confused with the kind of dozing that can ... sensation of overwhelming sleepiness during the day, company
which simply represents the ... experienced in the attemptto compensate for a poor sleep routine.despair

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