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Can you name the classics of the NES by the game descriptions?

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Nintendo/1985This platforming game was packaged with most NES consoles, along with Duck Hunt.
Nintendo/1986This action-adventure game was the first NES title to have a battery back-up.
Capcom/1987This action-platformer was the first in a series of six on the NES.
Ultra/1989This action-platformer was based on an extremely popular 80's franchise involving reptiles.
Konami/1986This horizontal-shooter was a port of a highly popular arcade game.
Nintendo/1986This action-adventure game almost was the first NES title to have a battery back-up, but ended up with a password system instead.
Taito/1986This platforming game stars two dragons, and is an early example of a game with multiple endings.
Nintendo/1987This sports game stars a real-world champ, and was given a re-release later on replacing him.
Enix and Nintendo/1986This RPG was given away for free in 1990 complete with an 'Explorer's Handbook'
Nintendo/1986This puzzle game originated in Russia and also had an second, unlicensed NES released published by Tengen.
Nintendo/1985This first person shooter was an early example of the genre and the first game to utilize the light gun.
Konami/1988This run-and-gun game popularized the famous Konami Code.
Tecmo/1989This sports game was the first NES game other to feature multiple real-life figures.
Rare/1988This racing game featured radio-controlled cars.
Tecmo/1988This platforming game is the first in a trilogy of games that are widely regarded to be one of, if not the hardest trilogy for the NES.
Square/1990This RPG was released as Square's last shot at saving itself from going bankrupt, and ended up being the start of a huge, modern-day franchise.
Nintendo/1987This action-platformer is the sister game to Metroid.
Konami/1987This platformer is an early example of a horror game, featuring a vampire as the main villain.
Nintendo/1985This racing game features the sport of motocross.
Nintendo/1993This platformer features a protagonist with the ability to steal enemies' powers and abilities.

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