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Can you name the Alphabetical Woman Science Fiction Authors?

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Handmaid's Tale; Oryx and CrakeA
Xenogenesis; KindredB
Cyteen; Downbelow StationC
So You Want to Be a WizardD
Enchantress from the Stars; This Star Shall AbideE
Here Be Demons; Nobody's PrincessF
King's Man and Thief; World of Warcraft: War CrimesG
The People: No Different Flesh; Anything BoxH
Howl's Moving Castle; Charmed LifeJ
Deryni Rising; Camber of CuldiK
Left Hand of Darkness; The DispossessedL
Dragonriders of PernM
Witch World; Halfblood ChroniclesN
Akata Witch; Who Fears DeathO
Serpent's Tooth; Wodan's ChildrenP
Harry PotterR
Up the Walls of the WorldT
Cage of Zeus; Ocean ChroniclesU
Snow Queen; PsionV
To Say Nothing of the Dog; PassageW
Briar Rose; Devil's ArithmeticY
Dust Girl; Palace of SpiesZ

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