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Can you name the characters from Danganronpa (THH, SDR2, and V3) based on thier most iconic lines?

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Forced Order
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'Like I said, I'm psychic.'
'Stupid stupid stupid!'
'That's right. You didn't do anything wrong, Junko. You just wanted to feel despair, that's all.'
'I don't want to live... if it means someone else has to die.'
'Creepy? We're spreading good feeling all around, aren't we?! Say it! Say we make you feel good!'
'I only like 2D girls...'
'There is no greater accomplishment in life than pushing yourself to the limit, always!'
'Muscular quality and quantity is right around that of an extremely ordinary high school student... Hmph. What a shame. You're not at all fit to act as my training partner.'
'Y-Ya know, if you pronounced 'Thursday' like 'Thaursday', that'd be kinda funny.'
'Look at your melons! They're seriously gargantuan! Do you dunk 'em in milk every night or something?'
'Those aliens stole my hamburger!'
'Y-You're no different! You s-smell like a big f-fat ugly donkey!'
'I can't stand the sight of you. Disappear.'
'No human language can describe the disappointment I'm feeling right now.'
'I already told ya! I'm fickle beyond hope- I even get bored of my own personality!'
'How come! When you're in a funk, there's nothing better than a good swim to pull you out of it!'
'Let me say this... Do not even think about copying what I do. This much food is beyond you lowly peasants... I'm the only one who could possibly eat this much food.'
'Sorry to disappoint you, but I've already made a mental note to remember you as 'Unreliable Hajime.'
'That would be me - Sparkling Justice!'
'Welcome to the world of girl love! It's slippery when wet.'
'Ah, not that you actually want to be friends with me! I'm soooo sorry I said something so... presumptuous!'
'Good thing you have good hearing because your face, personality, and looks totally suck.'
'Shitting my pants would totally shame me as a MAAAAAAN!'
'Open sesame, Pandemonium! I shall fill Hell with true Hell!'
'I've made peace with the fact that I'm a lowly, stupid, insignificant human who can't do anything right.'
'It's not a game if you're not having fun. It doesn't mean anything if you focus on winning or losing.'
'How about you two make like a tree and **** off?'
'Jesus! ****! Son of a bitch!'
'But...if we weren't in situation like this, I'd probably be enjoying some lazy sunbathing myself. 'If' being the key word.'
'Listen well: using people is a talent, too. It is now my turn to use that person just as they used me in the past.'
'Hey! That's *my* meat!'
'Well, if Miss Sonia says so, it must be true!'
'I promise I'm not a bad guy. Nice to meet you.'
'Hey! Don't say that to me with your nasty cow udders!'
'You've still got a ways to go.'
'You degenerate males and your... thrusting! Ugh!'
'Now... did you kill Ryoma, Himiko? Atua will hear your confession.'
'Aaah, so beautiful! Your human self-sacrafice is just too beautiful!'
'Gentleman not chuck dead bodies!'
'How about you keep your **** mouth shut, you lying little abortion!'
'I believe in you, so I'm gonna leave the rest to you.'
'Ooooh, you so clumsy, girl! Gotta be more careful there, Himiko.'
'Is that a robophobic remark?'
'I can't imagine a world without Danganronpa.'
'Quit it. If you don't shut your mouth, then I'll shut it for you. Permanently.'
'Pathetic? Look at yourself. You're alone, Kokichi, and you always will be.'

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