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Straw HatsCaptain
Straw HatsSwordsman/First Mate
Straw HatsNavigator
Straw HatsSniper
Straw HatsCook
Straw HatsDoctor
Straw HatsArchaeologist
Straw HatsShipwright
Straw HatsMusician
Fuschia VillageMayor
Fuschia VillageBartender
Alvida PiratesCaptain
Alvida PiratesFormer Pirate
Buggy Pirates / ShichibukaiCaptain
Buggy PiratesFirst Mate
Buggy PiratesLion
Buggy PiratesSecond Mate
Straw Hats (Former)Bounty Hunter
Straw Hats (Former)Bounty Hunter
Black Cat PiratesCaptain
Black Cat PiratesFirst Mate
Black Cat Pirates Pirate
Black Cat PiratesPirate
BaratieHead Chef
Don Krieg's Pirate ArmadaCaptain
Don Krieg's Pirate ArmadaFirst Mate
Don Krieg's Pirate ArmadaSecond Mate
Arlong PiratesCaptain
Arlong PiratesPirate
Arlong PiratesSniper
Arlong PiratesSwordsman
Giant Pirate Warrior BandPirate
Giant Pirate Warrior BandPirate
Drum IslandDoctor
Drum IslandDoctor (deceased)
Drum IslandNew 'King'
Wapol PiratesCaptain
Wapol PiratesPirate
Wapol PiratesPirate
Rumbar Pirates (Former)Whale
AlabastaSpot-Billed Duck
AlabastaCaptain of Royal Guard
AlabastaLeader of Rebel Guard
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque WorksOfficer
Baroque Works / Shichibukai (Former)Mr.0
Baroque WorksMiss All-Sunday
Baroque WorksThe Unluckies
Baroque WorksThe Unluckies
Baroque Works/Whiskey PeakOfficer
Baroque Works/Whiskey PeakPartner of 'Miss Wednesday'
Cocoyashi VillageMayor
Cocoyashi VillageNami's Sister
Cocoyashi VillageNami's Mother (deceased)
Saruyama AllianceSalvage King
Saruyama Alliance Sonar King
Saruyama AllianceLeader
Bellamy PiratesCaptain
Bellamy PiratesPirate
SkypieaAngel Beach Resident
SkypieaAngel Beach Resident
SkypieaAngel Beach Resident/ Pet Cloud Fox
SkypieaGod (Former) / Knight of the Sky
SkypieaBird / Horse
SkypieaShandian Warriors Leader
SkypieaLittle Girl with Haki
SkypieaShandian Warrior
SkypieaShandian Warrior
SkypieaShandian Warrior
SkypieaShandian Warrior
SkypieaHero of Shandia
Foxy PiratesCaptain
Foxy PiratesPirate
Foxy PiratesPirate
Water 7Sea Train Conductor
Water 7Sea Train Conductor's Granddaughter
Water 7Cat
Water 7Fishman Shipwright (deceased)
Water 7Frog
Galley-la Company/Water 7President / Mayor
Galley-la CompanyShipwright
Galley-la CompanyShipwright
Galley-la CompanyShipwright
Franky FamilyRight Hand Man
Franky FamilyKing Bull
Franky FamilyKing Bull
Franky FamilySquare Sister
Franky FamilySquare Sister
CP9Leader's sword / Elephant
CP9Assassin / Leopard
CP9Assassin / Giraffe
CP9Assassin / Door Door Fruit
CP9Assassin / Sheep
CP9Assassin / Wolf
CP9Assassin / Lion
CP9Assassin / Owl
CP9Assassin / Weasel
CP7Ramen Kenpo / Fighting Cook
Enies Lobby / Giant Pirate Warrior BandGiant Guard
Enies Lobby / Giant Pirate Warrior BandGiant Guard
Ohara Island ResidentNico Robin's Mother (deceased)
Thriller Bark / Shichibukai (Former)Leader
Thriller BarkZombie Animal Leader
Thriller BarkZombie General Leader
Thriller BarkDoctor
Thriller BarkZombie / Actress (Former)
Thriller BarkGiant Zombie
Thriller BarkSamurai Zombie
Thriller BarkStuffed Bear Zombie
Thriller BarkVampire Zombie
Rolling PiratesCaptain
Takoyaki 8Starfish
Takoyaki 8Green-haired Mermaid
Rosie Life RidersLeader
11 Supernovas / Kid PiratesCaptain
11 Supernovas / Kid PiratesPirate
11 Supernovas Magician
11 SupernovasFortress
11 SupernovasThe Glutton
11 SupernovasMusic
11 SupernovasMuscle
11 SupernovasEx-Rear Admiral
11 Supernovas / Heart PiratesCaptain / Shichibukai (Former)
Heart PiratesPirate / Polar Bear
Heart PiratesPirate / Slave (Former)
Amazon Lily / Kuja PiratesEmpress/ Captain / Shichibukai
Amazon Lily / Kuja PiratesKuja Pirate / Hebi Hebi Fruit (Anaconda)
Amazon Lily / Kuja PiratesKuja Pirate / Hebi Hebi Fruit (King Cobra)
Amazon Lily / Kuja PiratesKuja Pirate / Saved Luffy
Amazon LilyFormer Empress of Amazon Lily
Impel DownChief Warden
Impel DownVice Warden
Impel DownChief Guard (Blugori)
Impel DownChief Guard (Demon Guards)
Impel DownVice Guard
Doflamingo PiratesCaptain / Shichibukai (Former)
World GovernmentShichibukai
World Government (Former) / Sun Pirates (Former)Shichibukai (Former) / First Son of the Sea
MarineFleet Admiral (Former)
MarineAdmiral (Former) / Fleet Admiral
MarineAdmiral (Former)
MarineVice-Admiral (Former)
MarineVice-Admiral (Wash Wash Fruit)
MarineVice-Admiral / Giant (deceased)
MarineCaptain (Former) / Vice-Admiral
MarineCaptain (Cage Cage Fruit)
MarineCaptain / Boney
MarineCaptain (Former) / Axe Hand
MarineCaptain / Arlong Confidant
MarineCaptain (Berry Berry Fruit)
MarineCaptain (Rust Rust Fruit)
MarineEnsign (Former) / Captain
MarineLieutenant (Former) / Seaman Recruit
MarinePetty Officer (Former) / Lieutenant Commander
MarinePetty Officer (Former / Captain
MarineDoctor / Inventor
MarineScience Captain
Blackbeard PiratesCaptain / Shichibukai (Former)
Blackbeard PiratesHelmsman
Blackbeard PiratesDoctor
Blackbeard PiratesDoctor's Horse
Blackbeard PiratesNavigator
Blackbeard PiratesSniper
Blackbeard Pirates / Impel Down (Former)Swordsman / Chief Guard (Former)
Blackbeard PiratesImpel Down Level 6 Inmate (Former)
Blackbeard PiratesImpel Down Level 6 Inmate (Former)
Blackbeard PiratesImpel Down Level 6 Inmate (Former)
Blackbeard PiratesImpel Down Level 6 Inmate (Former)
The RevolutionariesLeader
The RevolutionariesRevolutionary General
The RevolutionariesRevolutionary Member
The Revolutionaries2nd in Command (Mera Mera no Mi)
Red-Haired PiratesCaptain
Red-Haired PiratesFirst Mate
Red-Haired PiratesSniper
Red-Haired PiratesPirate
Red-Haired PiratesPirate
Whitebeard PiratesCaptain
Whitebeard Pirates1st Division Commander
Whitebeard Pirates2nd Division Commander (deceased)
Whitebeard Pirates3rd Division Commander
Whitebeard Pirates4th Division Commander (deceased)
Whitebeard Pirates5th Division Commander
Jolly Roger PiratesCaptain (deceased)
Jolly Roger PiratesFirst Mate / Dark King
Jolly Roger PiratesDoctor
Caribou PiratesCaptain
Caribou PiratesCo-Captain
Fishman IslandKing
Fishman IslandPrincess
Fishman IslandShark
Fishman IslandPrince
Fishman IslandPrince
Fishman IslandPrince
Fishman IslandFortune Teller Mermaid
Fishman IslandQueen (deceased)
New Fishman PiratesCaptain
New Fishman PiratesHammer Head Shark
New Fishman PiratesWobblegong
New Fishman PiratesCookie Cutter Fish
New Fishman PiratesGiant Squid
New Fishman PiratesOctopus
New Fishman PiratesBarracuda
Sun PiratesCaptain (deceased)
Sun Pirates / The RevolutionariesSlave Girl (Former)
Flying PiratesCaptain
Flying PiratesPirate
Big Mom PiratesCaptain / Yonkou
Big Mom PiratesCrewman
Big Mom PiratesCrewman
Punk Hazard / Doflamingo PiratesMarine Scientist (Former)
Punk Hazard / Doflamingo PiratesDoflamingo Spy (deceased)
Punk Hazard / Doflamingo Pirates'Master' Assistant (deceased)
Punk Hazard / Doflamingo PiratesCaptain of Brownbeard Pirates (Former)
Punk Hazard / Doflamingo PiratesCrewman (Weapon Weapon Fruit)
Punk Hazard / Doflamingo PiratesCrewman (Spin Spin Fruit)
Wano Samurai WarriorsSamurai
Wano Samurai WarriorsSamurai
Wano Samurai Warriors Samurai
Doflamingo PiratesHead Executive / Guardian
Doflamingo PiratesHead Executive / Stone Man
Doflamingo PiratesHead Executive (deceased)
Doflamingo PiratesJunior Executive / Old Man
Doflamingo PiratesJunior Executive / Toy Maker
Doflamingo PiratesJunior Executive / Baby Swimmer
Doflamingo PiratesJunior Executive / Explosive
Doflamingo PiratesCrewman / Art Appreciator
Doflamingo PiratesCrewman / Fat Wrestler
Doflamingo PiratesCrewman / High Wheels
Doflamingo PiratesHead Executive / Swordsman
Dressrosa MarinesVice-Admiral
Dressrosa MarinesShort Giant Vice-Admiral
Dressrosa MarinesAdmiral
Dressrosa Royal FamilyKing
Dressrosa Royal FamilyPrincess
Dressrosa Royal FamilyPrincess
Dressrosa Royal FamilyGladiator
Dressrosa Royal FamilyGladiator's daughter
Dressrosa Royal FamilyCaptain of Royal Guard
Tontatta Kingdom/Green BitKing / Tontatta / Dwarf
Tontatta Kingdom/Green BitPrincess / Tontatta / Dwarf
Tontatta Kingdom/Green BitSoldier / Stitcher
Tontatta Kingdom/Green BitSoldier / Beetle
Tontatta Kingdom/Green BitSoldier / Wasp
Tontatta Kingdom/Green BitScout / Load Mouth
Corrida ColosseumChinjao Family Head
Corrida ColosseumChinjao Family
Corrida ColosseumBarto Club Pirate Captain
Corrida ColosseumBeautiful Pirates Captain
Corrida ColosseumFunk Elder Brother
Corrida ColosseumFunk Younger Brother
Corrida ColosseumRevolutionary Fishman
Corrida ColosseumProdence Kingdom / Fighting Kingdom

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