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What (if anything) do you remember from AP Econ?

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Nominal Interest Rate
a Combination of High Inflation and a Decrease in GDP
When Each Customer is Charged His/Her Willingness to Pay
Deliberate Government Actions to Affect the Economy
the Fraction of an Additional Dollar of Disposable Income that is Saved
Buying and Selling of US Bonds by the Fed
A Large Number of Firms that Produce Identical Products
Marginal Revenue Product
Costs that Have Already Been Paid for and can't be Recovered
the Difference Between the Price and the Seller's Cost
the Sum of Fixed and Variable Costs
Government Taxing and Spending Policy
the Curve Showing the Relationship Between Unemployment and Inflation
Profit Maximizing Rule for PC firms
a Market With One Buyer
the Law Stating the Decrease in Marginal Utility When Consumption Increases
Benefits or Costs that Affect Parties Uninvolved With a Transaction
Allocative Efficiency
the Percentage of the Work Force Currently Jobless and Searching for a Job
the Difference Between the Price and the Consumer's Willingness to Pay
a Tax that Rises More than in Proportion to Income
Profit Maximizing Rule for Imperfect Competition
Having the Lower Opportunity Cost
Fluctuations in Economic Activity
the Next Best Option
Policy to Shift the AD Curve Left
an Event that Causes the Supply and Demand Curves in an AS-AD Model to Move in the Same Direction
a Market With One Seller
FED Actions
A Game-Theory Strategy that is Preferable No Matter the Other Player's Actions
Utility of the Last Unit Consumed
the Fraction of an Additional Dollar of Disposable Income that Would Be Spent on Consumption
the Sum of Frictional and Structural Unemployment
a Good for Which Demand Increases As Income Increase
When a Currency Decreases in Value Compared to Another
a Good whose Demand Increases As Income Decreases
A Good that is Nonrival and Nonexcludable in Consumption
a Minimum Market Price Above Equilibrium
Factors of Production
When the Quantity Demanded Isn't Affected by a Change in Price

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