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What is the name of Will's frisbee
Who is the name of the man who buys the boys drinks in the pub and sits with them
Name the drinks Will illegally buys during bunk off episode
What are the names of Jay's 2 friends from Caravan Club
How old is Danny Moore
What is the name of the charity of the kids Will abuses at Thorpe Park
What is the name of the London club the boys go to?
Who is Rachel's date at the club?
What is Will's work experience boss called?
To what does WIll say 'is this a word' when revising
What do the boys accuse Neil's dad of swapping his porn mags for?
What food does Neil say will be at the fashion show?
What disease does Alastair have?
What is the name of Sophie's male flat mate?
What does Jay refer to Simon's mum as in the pub?
Name an item of Will's thrown onto the fire?
What are the 2 correct answers to the football quizzes in the pub?
What is the name of Carly's rep in the first film?
What football team does the soldier staying ath boys' hotel support?
What is Ben's full name in the 2nd movie
What is the name of Neil's 'pregnant' girlfriend on his phone?
What sweet packet comes off of Will's head when he is put in the bin?
What KFC meal does Jay refer to Kerry as?
What do Jay and Simon change Will's facebook status to?
What does Jay say to customers as he works as a toilet attendant in the 2nd film
Whose wig does Will put down his pants?
Whose bag does Jay constantly knick stuff from?
What is the brand of butter that Donovan spreads when selling 'drugs' to Jay and Neil
How long is Neil's lunch hour?
Who gets arse raped 18 times?
What restaurant do Neil and Suzie and her mum go to after the dating show?
Who does Suzie say she's more like in the dating show?
What farm is Jane at in the outback?
Who is the girl that Will gets with in duke of edinburgh episode?
How long is the boys' flight delayed on the way to Malia?
What does Jay say he'll drive through the outback in?
Who is Neil's boss at his work experience?
What does Mr Cartwright refer to Jay's penis as?
What is the last question on Jay's survey on the field trip before he gets slapped?
Name one of the posters in the common room?
Name the venue of the gig the boys attend?
Who is the male stripper who performs in front of Jay and Neil?
What type of shoes does Patrice wear?
What is the number on the back of Jay's England shirt?
What boxer did Jay's dad beat and how?
What is the name of Daisy's mum?
What pub do they go to after the last exam?
What is Simon's exact amount of change he receives when talking to Carly?
What is the name of Simon's pet who gets put down?
What is the name of the girl who allegedly gives Jay a blow job on the school stage?
What is Jay's dad's first name?
Who does Carly sack from the fashion show due to his disgustingly hairy back?

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