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InitialsMovieYear/Important Actor
J.F.1998 (Michael Keaton)
F.N.2003 (Ellen DeGeneres)
S.A.1983 (John Travolta)
T.L.K.O.S.2006 (Forest Whitaker)
A.N.O.E.S.1984 (Johnny Depp)
T.W.P.2001 (Jennifer Lopez)
D.J.1999 (Tommy Lee Jones)
M.J.Y.1998 (Charlize Theron)
M.R.2002 (Tom Cruise)
L.P.1999 (Oliver Platt)
A.D.G.T.H.1989 (Burt Reynolds)
B.T.T.F.1985 (Michael J. Fox)
T.I.J.2003 (Mark Wahlberg)
W.T.1998 (Denise Richards)
M.C.2007 (George Clooney) or (Joan Cusack)
InitialsMovieYear/Important Actor
T.S.T.1985 (John Cusack)
A.T.R.1994 (Tupac Shakur)
B.H.C.1984 (Eddie Murphy)
T.P.2005 (Vin Diesel)
P.I.F.2000 (Kevin Spacey)
B.H.D.2001 (Josh Hartnett)
A.G.A.I.G.1997 (Jack Nicholson)
R.D.1984 (Patrick Swayze)
T.F.1996 (Robert Deniro)
M.L.1989 (Charlie Sheen)
S.G.2001 (Robert Redford)
M.J.B.1998 (Brad Pitt)
T.L.M.1989 (Jodi Benson)
A.N.A.T.R.1998 (Will Ferrell)
N.I.C.1986 (Tom Hanks)

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