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Can you name the movie from the couples given?

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Cady Heron
Aaron Samuels 
Steven Kovacs
Robin Harris 
Ivy Walker
Lucius Hunt 
Susie Quinn
Johnny Angel 
Bobby Boucher
Vicki Vallencourt 
Lizzie Bradbury
Peter Colt 
Robbie Turner
Cecilia Tallis 
Landon Carter
Jamie Sullivan 
Ben Stone
Allison Scott 
Linda McKay
Matthew Kensington 
Stanford Blatch
Anthony Marantino 
Carl Fredrickson
Ellie Fredrickson 
Juno MaGuff
Paulie Bleeker 
Loretta Castorini
Johnny Cammareri 
Dave Lizewski
Katie Deauxma 
Jake Sully
Tyler Hawkins
Ally Craig 
Sam Witwicky
Mikaela Banes 
Peter Gibbons
Peter Le Fleur
Katie Veatch 

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