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Seven evil exes and some retro video game effects2010
Gerard Butler loses his ear 600 years before he was born2003
Jennifer Love Hewitt look-a-like has a Bruce Willis type experience2010
Jessica from Twilight delivers a breakthrough performance2009
Be careful who you adopt, they may seduce your spouse2009
Mind expanding drugs and falling in love with a habitual liar is what this 'scrub' does2004
It takes seven years for this diaper salesman and photographer to finally get it right2005
We've all come a long way since band camp and masturbation mishaps2003
Before Joaquin went off the deep end he was stabbed by a pianist2004
Harvey Dent can convince you cigarettes give you immortality in this one2005
If you traded marijuana for therapy in 1994 New York City, this story may be about you2008
'I have nipples Greg. Can you milk me?'2000
Before he was one of Brooklyn's finest, this cop actually despised corruptness2001
Animated flick about a young Viking who changes the ways of his people2010
This average joe manages to get with two of hollywoods biggest hotties and write a musical about Dracula2008
Van Wilder tries to explain his impending divorce and past relationships to his 11-year-old daughter.2008
Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Enough said.2005
A phobic con artist and his protégé are on the verge of pulling off a lucrative swindle when the former's teenage daughter arrives unexpectedly. 2003
People recieve voice mails from their future selves before they die. Scary...2008
Vin Diesel knocks more than a few heads while wearing some badass goggles.2004
This long-haired redneck has a knack for mistaking crap for meteors and warheads.2001
May this peasent squire turned knight rest in peace.2001
They were great on HBO, but over two hours of this aging foursome was a little too much. 2008
Obi-Wan is hired to complete the memoirs of a former British prime minister uncovers secrets that put his own life in jeopardy. 2010
I was almost convinced the kid was really an alien, John Cusack was the one stuck trying to raise him though.2007
Now is it Ned Schneebly or Dewey Finn? Either way he's the best sub ever.2003
Everyone knows at least one quote from this movie. 'Milk was a bad choice' is just one of many classics.2004
I think Jack Dawson would've preffered to be stuck in this place than the bottom of the ocean.2010
'December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.'2001
Much cooler vampires than Twilight and True Blood. These like the dark and the cold.2007
The Fresh Prince embarks on a journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.2008
The coolest pregnant teen you'll ever meet and the only time you'll be annoyed by Jennifer Garner.2007
An orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents.2007
Robin Williams obsesses over a family whose pictures he handles.2002
Not chocolate, but...2001
Small town diner owner gets national attention for killing a couple of thugs, but the fame brings his hidden past back to haunt him.2005
This movie has plastics, but no Dustin Hoffman.2004
Former rock groupies and best friends reunite after 20 years. One is still as wild as ever, while the other has adopted a more conservative lifestyle.2002
Marisa Tomei is as hot as ever but Mickey looks like he's seen better days.2008
She's never been kissed but she sure knows how to write a song.2007
Road trip with a bearded Michael Scott.2006
After this one everyone wished they had a hot neighbor and called them and their two best friends the tripod.2004
After being a waterboy, pro golfer, and wedding singer, i guess the only thing left to do is cook.2005
Who knew fast-forwarded footage of a girl standing over a bed could be so scary.2007
He wears a skin tight suit to jump across buildings and kill criminals. Could've been Batman if he wasn't blind.2003
Peter Colt wins it all in his final tournament and gets another Peters girl at the end too.2004
A boy named Therman Merman lends his house out to a drunk loser with a talent for cracking safes.2003
This family can do it all, including saving the world from a nutjob named Syndrome.2004
Tim Robbins digs a tunnel to escape... but then he's killed.2005
A darkly satiric story about life crumbling in the midst of a seemingly idyllic suburbia. Plus all the moms have big knockers.2005

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'H' Movies by Picture II

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How are you supposed to shush people at the movie theater without the letter 'H'?
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