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What is Dr Cox's middle name?
Who does the Janitor test the strength of his cleaning fluid on?
What flavour does Turk order when Elliott goes to the smoothie store?
What themed alarm clock does J.D. gift to Turk and Carla?
What is Turk's middle name?
In J.D.'s fantasy based on Star Wars, who portrays the character of Chewbacca?
What is the name of the asian lab technician?
What colour does the Janitor spray paint J.D.'s trainers?
What is J.D.'s middle name?
What was the name of the patient whose death sparked a morbidity and mortality conference involving J.D., Turk, Carla and Elliott?
What lifeless object glides in front of Ted's car
What is the name of the marching band drummer who misses out on fries because of his attitude?
Who does Turk refer to as 'Devil Woman'?
What is the name of the Janitor's acapella group?
What disease does J.D. suspect which causes a hospital lockdown?
What children's version of a musical instrument do J.D. and Elliott use as a burglar alarm
Who is the first scrubs character that J.D. has sex with in an episode?
What is the name of Dr Kelso's gardener?
What word does Elliott use instead of 'vagina'?
What name is the hospital changed to by an unnamed vandal?

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