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Can you name the Actor/Actress in the Movie Chain (starting with Jennifer Lawrence)

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Ryan Reynolds2005
Jeff Bridges2013
Matt Damon2010
Casey Affleck2001
Brad Pitt2007
Christoph Waltz2009
Jamie Foxx2012
Jake Gyllenhall2005
Sir Ben Kingsley2010
Morgan Freeman2006
Jack Nicholson2007
Michael Keaton1989
Will Ferrell2010
Paul Rudd2013
Seann William Scott2008
David Duchovny2001
Natascha McElhone (TV Series)2007-present
Robert De Niro1998
Dustin Hoffman2004
Tom Cruise1988
Dakota Fanning2005
Denzel Washington2004
Gene Haclman1995
Russell Crowe1995
Christian Bale2007
Bradley Cooper2013
Jennifer Lawrence2012

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