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i thought you said forever over and over again
in your eyes, ive lost my place
i couldnt sleep last night so i walked alone
this union, battles won and lost
shooting daggers at me, letting it be know that youre not impressed
youre so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal, youre so skinny you should really supersize the deal
look at this stuff, isnt this neat? dont you think my collection is complete?
lets make a mess steal a kiss in the moment
if i got crazy will you still call me superman?
i guess secondbest is all i will know
and now i can breathe turn my insides out
i almost didnt notice all the roses and the note that said
sitting in this room playing russian roulette
you got me hanging ten feet off the ground
and breaths starts to shorten, and heart beats pounds softer
got to be good looking cuz hes so hard to see
they taped over your mouth scribbled out the truth with their lies, your little spies
tired of being what you want me to be, feeling so faithless
she wears short skirts i wear t shirts
the sky is burning up like fireworks, i want you oh so bad it hurts
your poker face concealing, all that youre not dealing
take a sad song, and make it better. remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better
it took two days, for me to figure out
drew looks, at me, i fake a smile so he wont see
oh mama, i shot a mann
we keep suffering every day, the victims of oppurtunity
kick off your stilettos, and **** me in the back seat
one last kiss for you, one last wish to you. please make up your mind girl, before i hope you die
do you believe in love at first sight, well im certain it happens all the time
these hotel walls are paper thin
she loves the way that i tease, i love the way that she breathes
when im lying ing your bed, emotions running through my head
i feel you on my fingertips, my tougue dance behind my lips
we were both sixteen and it felt so right, sleeping all day staying up all night
im not a princess, this aint a fairy tale
theyd tear us apart, if you give them the chance
ive always been your favorite game

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