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 Anywhere on Earth that something can live.
 A system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms and their physical environment.
 The many different populations that occupy a given area.
 All the individuals of one particular species in a given area.
 The study of interactions between organisms and their physical environment.
 (# of births+immigration)-(# of deaths+emmigration)
 J-Shaped growth curve.
 S-Shaped Curve.
 The largest number of individuals that an environment can support.
 The maximum reproductive capacity of an organism or population of organisms.
 Factors that keep a population from reaching its biotic potential.
 Depends on population size.
 Limiting factors affect all populations in similar ways regardless of the population size.
 The occupation of an organism (tape worm, flat worm, etc.)
 Relationship between two different species which live together in a certain way.
 + -
 + Neutral
 One eats other
 Harmless organism pretends to be poisonous.
 Poisonous compounds used for defense.
 Used to frighten predator.
 Warns predators that it is poisonous.
 Animal blends into background.
 The series of changes in an ecological community.
 Over time certain species get replaced by others.
 No soil involved.
 Soil involved.
 All energy in an ecosystem originally comes from the _______.
 Anything able to photosynthesize (plants).
 Feeds on other organisms.
 Feeds on producers.
 Feeds on primary consumers.
 Eats secondary consumers.
 Feeds on tertaiary.
 A group of connected food chains.
 Eats dead and decaying material.
 Recycles nutrients into ecosystem.

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