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Can you name the Arkham Horror investigators?

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Expansion AddedInvestigatorsAbility
Innsmouth HorrorMemories of Conquest
Innsmouth HorrorGuardian of the Veil
Arkham HorrorStudious
Arkham HorrorScrounger
Arkham HorrorShrewd Dealer
Arkham HorrorPsychology
Kingsport HorrorSettle Down!
Kingsport HorrorCareful Reader
Arkham HorrorHometown Advantage
Arkham HorrorMagical Gift
Dunwich HorrorTrusted Sister
Innsmouth HorrorSlippery
Innsmouth HorrorBail Out
Arkham HorrorPsychic Sensitivity
Innsmouth HorrorThick-Skulled
Arkham HorrorStrong Mind
Dunwich HorrorPrecognition
Arkham HorrorTrust Fund
Dunwich HorrorDead Man Stomp
Arkham HorrorHunches
Arkham HorrorScience!
Dunwich HorrorLeadership
Kingsport HorrorYin and Yang
Kingsport HorrorImprov
Expansion AddedInvestigatorsAbility
Kingsport HorrorExperienced Dreamer
Arkham HorrorResearch
Dunwich HorrorThird Eye
Dunwich HorrorOne Man Army
Arkham HorrorStrong Body
Innsmouth HorrorSynergy
Arkham HorrorArchaeology
Innsmouth HorrorIn the Stars
Innsmouth HorrorInspiring
Kingsport HorrorInvestigation
Dunwich HorrorResilient
Innsmouth HorrorIntuitive
Innsmouth HorrorAble Seaman
Arkham HorrorGuardian Angel
Innsmouth HorrorSchool of Hard Knocks
Innsmouth HorrorHero
Kingsport HorrorClean Takedown
Innsmouth HorrorBreaking the Limits
Innsmouth HorrorAdventurer
Arkham HorrorPhysician
Kingsport HorrorStreetwise
Innsmouth HorrorBury Them Deep
Dunwich HorrorJack of All Trades
Innsmouth HorrorKiller Instincts

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