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Chapter IntroducedLocationExtra Info.
Chapter 1Where the Pulse Refugees and the Pulse Fal'Cie are being taken to be Purged.
Chapter 2Location of Anima
Chapter 3Lake Under #1
Chapter 4Repaired by Cocoon Fal'Cie in the War of Transgression with pieces from Pulse
Chapter 5Location of PSICOM Militarized Beasts breeding grounds
Chapter 6Has Crystals to Change the Weather
Chapter 7Hope's Hometown
Chapter 8Cocoon Themepark
Chapter 9Airship for PSICOM
Chapter 10Pulse Armament
Chapter 11Location of Party Camp
Chapter IntroducedLocationExtra Info.
Chapter 11One of the biggest maps in FF13
Chapter 11Dahaka is first spotted
Chapter 11Location of Atomos
Chapter 11Location of Bismarck
Chapter 11Location of Dahaka
Chapter 11Vanille and Fang's Hometown
Chapter 12Cocoon's Capital
Chapter 13Final Boss Battle
Post-StoryLocation of Titan
Cutscene-Only LocationsLighning, Serah, and Snow's Hometown
Cutscene-Only LocationsLocation of Kujata and powerplant

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