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Can you name the Final Fantasy XIII Characters?

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Main Party Character
Other L'Cie
Lightning's Sister/Snow's Fiancee 
Sazh's Son 
Hope's Family
Hope's Mother 
Hope's Father 
Snow's Childhood Friend/Red-Orange Hair 
Female/Black Hair 
Blond Kid with Goggles 
Blue Hair 
Sanctum Officials
Sanctum Primarch 
Sanctum Commander of PSICOM 
Sanctum Second-in-Command of PSICOM 
Sanctum Head of Cavalry 
Sanctum Second-in-Command of the Cavalry 
Sanctum Official
Lightning's Superior in the Bodhum Security Regiment 
Cocoon Fal'Cie
Powers Cocoon over Gran Pulse 
Oversees all other Fal'Cie in Cocoon 
Leads the People of Cocoon 
Provides Sunlight 
Provides Power and Electricity 
Provides Food 
Pulse Fal'Cie
Oerba Fal'Cie, turned party into L'Cie 
Digs Underground Passages for Mining 
Protects Water of Sulyya Springs, Responsible for Erosion 
Artificial 'Natural' Selection 
Unknown Purpose 
Created Cocoon 
Created Adamantoise 
Created the World (Gran Pulse) 

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