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Branches of CN V1
superior orbital fissure 
to tnetorium 
superior orbital fissure 
superior orbital fissure 
superior orbital fissure 
supraorbital notch 
medial to supraorbital notch 
posterior ethmoidal foramen  
To sclera 
output of ciliary ganglion  
To ciliary ganglion 
anterior ethmoidal foramen then nasal slit 
more superior 
more inferior 
Branches of CN V2
foramen rotundum  
before entering foramen rotundum  
inferior orbital fissure 
zygomaticotemporal foramen  
Zygomaticofacial foramen 
Supplying the lacrimal gland with parasympathetic component  
Infraorbital foramen  
collateral supply of nerve indeed  
sitting comfortably in pterygopalatine fossa 
nasal branches 
nasal branches 
nasal branches 
aka Vidian nerve 
palatovaginal canal 
greater palatine foramen 
lesser palatine foramen  
Branches of CN V3
the somatic motors 
the somatic motors 
the somatic motors 
join buccal branch of facial nerve in over buccinator 
the somatic motors 
the somatic motors 
foramen spinosum  
from ear with IX through hiatus then foramen ovale 
exchanging present with the previous item 
the big nerve upward  
being hitchhiked by lesser petrosal nerve 
to pinna 
to region anterior to vertex and pinna 
this nerve before entering mandibular foramen, will give off a branch 
and the branch is? 
To teeth 
through mental foramen  
In cooperation with facial nerve  
ganglion supplying parasympathetic output to lower jaw 
Which ganglion i forgot to mention?
I really don't know where to put this 

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