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tympanic plexus suppplied by?
(nerve) of (CN) 
Suggest one cause of conductive deafness
Proportion of external auditory canal consist of cartilage
Proportion of external auditory canal composed of bone
innervation of pinna
(nerve) of (CN) 
(nerve) of (CN) 
referred pain in ear may come from
whihc one is anterior, cochlear or SCC
Little ear bones
Oval window
round window?
Where can i incise the tympanic membrane?
The bulge posterior to prominence of facial canal
Arcuate eminence harbours?
Tensor tympani turns around a bone process laterally called?
What nerve supplies the tensor tympani
(nerve) of (CN) 
What nerve supplies the stapedius?
Name of the roof of tympanic cavity?
What's anterior to the floor of tympanic cavity?
What's posterior to the floor of tympanic cavity?
What's directly under floor of tympanic cavity?
What artery supply middle ear?
What vein drains the middle ear?
how long is the external auditory canal
how long is the eustachian tube?
portion of eustachian tube that is cartilaginous?
portion of eustachian tube that is bony?
Which two arteries supply auditory tube?
(artery) of (artery) 
(artery) of (artery) 
Where does the foramen spinosum lies relative to auditory tube?
vestibular membrane
Cause of deafness?
Most common one (conductive) 
Infective (conductive)  
Infective (sensorineural)  
Idiopathic (sensorineural)  
Neoplastic (sensorineural)  
Intoxication (sensorineural)  
Congenital (conductive) 
Trauma (sensorineural)  
Cause of ototoxic deafness?
3 drugs 
3 drugs 
3 drugs 
Cause infective deafness?
Acoustic neuroma also affects?
You are pretty stupid if you dont know this 
Which one is more audible to elderly? vowels/consonants?
Percentage of people affected by hearing problem
Describe central audio pathway
heterogenous secondary neurones 
homogenous secondary neurones 
ipsilateral and contralateral  
containing inhibitory internuncials  
and they go through 
Most cochlear nucleus fibers go to (multimodular) 
containing inhibitory internuncials  
to a thalamic nucleus  
primary cortex 
Why do we need trapezoid's inhibition function?
Stapedius respond to?
Tensor tympani respond to?
What's the receptive field of auditory system called?
Two liar-proof auditory examination
Outer hair cell efferent fibers function?
Inner hair cell efferent fibers respond to?
Which one is horizontal? Saccule or utricle
Utricle is the more superior one or the inferior one?
Otoliths should be called?
The little dilitation at the start od SCC?
the structure within it?
The hair there is inserted to
The structure in utricle and saccule?
The hair is inserted into?
Vestibular nuclei
medial vestibulospinal tract 
medial vestibulospinal tract 
Lateral vestibulospinal tract 
Vestibulo-ocular reflex 
Vestibular static take the course of
Lateral vestibulospinal tract 
(head-righting) medial vestibulospinal tract 
Vestibular dynamic take the course of
from PPRF to extraocular nucleus  
Describe the vestibulo-ocular reflex pathway
Contains secondary neurones (ipsi) 
the mediator (Contra) 
the motor neurons (Ipsi) 
what secrets endolymph?
The disease where endolymph is accumlated
The disease where otoconia falls to posterior SCC
Most commonly in the posterior SCC 
What does cupulolithiasis cause?
How to differentiate peripheral vertigo from central vertigo?
Warm Caloric test
quick phase: COWS 
Cold caloric test
quick phase: COWS 

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