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Which 2 SSRI utilize CYP2D6, like TCA
Which SSRI utilize CYP 3A4, like Diltiazem?
Side effects of SSRI/serotoninergics
Causing vasoconstriction. Contrdictive for HP, preeclampsia pregnant mother 
Serotonin syndrome symptoms
Serotonin syndrome treatment
Side effect of NRI/adrenergics
Side effect of SNRI
Neurotransmitter increased by TCA
unintended inactivation of receptors
Tertiary amines 
Tertiary amines 
Secondary amines 
Secondary amines 
Anticholinergic side effect
Anticholinergic CNS side effect
Antihistamine side effect
Antiadrenergic side effect
Which categories of side effect is the most serious?
Which class of TCA works longer?
Which class of TCA has less anticholinergic effect?
Which TCA is the best in terms of high convulsion threshold and least sedation?
Overdose of TCA symptoms (Tri-C)
SSRI can also treat
ADHD drug

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