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Can you name the answers to these difficult questions about the show 'Seinfeld'?

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Which New York mayor was Lloyd Braun an advisor to?
What type of calzone did George buy for Mr. Steinbrenner?
What offering did George and Jerry give to NBC (Nakahama Broadcast Company)?
How did Elaine's race horse do on Festivus?
What soup did Newman order from the Soup Nazi?
What movie did Susan's father nearly ruin for Frank Costanza?
Name one of the two men (besides Kramer) who helped George move the Frogger machine?
Who kills Independent George?
What movie does Elaine want to see instead of 'The English Patient'?
Whose picks does Kramer prefer at the video store?
In what pizza shop does Kramer run into the Van Buren boys?
After discussing Jerry's poker winnings, what nickname does Kramer give Jerry?
What t-shirt does Jerry give to his father, much to Izzy Mendelbaum's dismay?
To what song does Elaine do her 'Little Kicks' dance?
What movie does Jerry pirate?
What is Bizarro Kramer's name?
What kind of Pez dispenser does Jerry put on Elaine's Leg?
What comeback does Kramer suggest George use?
What holiday does Kramer and Newman attempt to accomplish their Bottle Deposit scheme?
Upon hearing of George's 'death', which Yankee player was Frank angry at Steinbrenner for trading?
How many Paul O'Neill home runs did Kramer promise sick Bobby?
According to Kramer, what NYC subway stop is famous for its gyros?
How does George play basketball?
What religion does George convert to for a woman?
What is written in Elaine's medical charts?

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